Paxton Wireless Door Handles - Cost Effective Net2 Access

The Net2 Wireless door handles are a perfect way to increase access control security levels with in your organisation. They are simple to install or to complement an existing Net2 installation or can be stand alone and fit directly on to a standard door spindle.

Features :

  • Wireless door handles offer the same security features as a wired system.
  • Communicates via low power wireless secure technology to the Net2 Air bridge controller which then communicates to your Net2 Server – Simple.
  • Stand Alone (each pack of fobs or cards are programmed at each door – perfect for small offices white or black handles options only)
  • Networked (All handle types can be programmed through the net2 software or Paxton10 software)
  • Stand alone with upgrade option to connect to networked Paxton Access or Paxton10.
  • Combatable with DIN Standard locks.
  • Dual frequency proximity reader.
  • EN179 Certified for emergency exits.
  • FD30 and FD60 for fire doors.
  • Low Cost Access Option.

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