For many years companies all over the world have been fascinated with biometrics and the solutions they provide, and how they can improve and streamline the way employees clock in and out and control access into the workplace. 

Biometric clocking in systems, ultimately stop employees fraudulently clocking / buddy punching and instantly eliminate time theft.

The use of biometric systems also increase security and as the biometric readers only work with biometric registered users. They reduce company expenditure on clock cards and proximity cards / fobs as these are no longer required.

Our biometric clocking in systems are completely GDPR complaint – at the point of biometric enrolment various points are scanned on the finger or face then converted into a number using an complex algorithm. This is decoded every time a person clocks in to verify who they are.

Our range of biometric clocking in systems include:

Suprema N2 – high end multifunctional finger print recognition & proximity fob / card terminal

Suprema FS2 – high end facial recognition terminal.

What is biometric hardware ?

Auto Time Systems over the past 20 years have been a specialist installer of Biometric finger, Hand geometry and Face Recognition / Facial Recognition systems, which are completely contactless.

Our Biometric Face Recognition Time & Attendance Clocking Systems are perfect all companies especially for food manufacturing, industrial and healthcare / clinical companies.

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Suprema Face Recognition video overview.

Simple Face Recognition Enrolment on the Face Station 2 with Sirrom 2020 software.

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