Job Costing & Cost Centre Management

The Sirrom Job Costing Module - is perfect for businesses requiring a low cost job costing system. Our software allows jobs & orders to be easily costed up in time and monetary values.
Sirrom Cost Centre Management Module - Manage employee cost centre activity though our touch screen terminals.

The system can also instantly cost up for you ow much time and money an order is going to take to make.  Our system is easy to use and employee friendly, the job costing system comprises of a job costing terminal with a barcode scanner attached for shop floor data collection, this is then linked back to a computer that has the Sirrom job costing software loaded on to it.

Here’s an example of a few easy steps to cost a job:

  1. A customer places on order with you.
  2. You then create a job number with in Sirrom software, and then print out a job sheet from the software, this will contain all operations, along with the appropriate barcodes representing each operation. Click here to see an example PDF order sheet created by our software.
  3. This is then handed to the appropriate staff member for production.
  4. They then simply press the triangle button on the top of terminal and then scan the job number that is printed on the job sheet that they are going to start, once this operation is completed they simply scan the next operation on the job sheet.
  5. By doing this, it takes them off the initial operation and costs the time to the second operation (should there be one, or they can press the finished button on the terminal to tell the Sirrom administrator that the job is now complete), each operation on the job sheet is booked using this scenario.
  6. Once the job is finished the staff member can press a button on the top of the job costing terminal to say that the job is now complete.

From the Sirrom software a ‘realtime’ analysis can be seen all the way through the job costing procedure, so at any time you can see where the job is up to. The system comes  with a host of job costing reports to help your company maintain the correct manufacturing and budgetary costs.

The Sirrom software is also able to offer an actual time spent to the job vs forecasted time so you know whether you are under or over budget. Why not speak to us today about our range of job costing solutions that can be tailor made to suit your application?

Sirrom Cost Centre Management

Sirrom can also be setup to manage employees different cost centres through out the working day, as employees may carry out different job roles which carry different pay premiums.

Sirrom Cost Centre touch screen terminals can be added to complement the Sirrom Workforce Management Software to allow employees to clock in – then book into a cost centre making the management of cost centres with in your company easy to manage.

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