Employee Absence & Holiday’s can be managed through Sirrom’s absence and holiday calendar, employee absence balances, Bradford factor scores and absence trends can easily be managed though one module. Sirrom absences can also managed through its own web portal, which is available to the employee and manger i.e. for absence requests and validations.

Sirrom GO – New Sirrom Cloud based employee self-service

Sirrom Go allows users to check their rotas, make and absence request and view time sheets.

This module is complement Sirrom 2022/23 versions of software.

Cost £1.65 per employee per month ( payable via direct debit available in increments of 50 employees )

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Sirrom Employee Self-Service Module

Sirrom web based employee self-service module (complete web based intranet module) is a web based application which complements the Sirrom Time and Attendance Software and Sirrom ESS terminals. This web based application can be accessed through a web browser (eg IE / Safari etc) from your smart phone, desk PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad etc.

Self Service Module at a glance:

This module allows an employee any of the 4 options :

  1. Make an absence request i.e. this can be done from PC or Sirrom ESS Terminal.
  2. See personal results such as hours worked, clocking times. Totals/overtime worked etc.
  3. Declare clocking’s to their manager for example out of hours working, off site meetings etc.
  4. Clock in and out.

This module allows a manager:

  1. To look at his group of employees, and see any of their time and attendance information.
  2. Look at his own personnel information and results (provide him with the same functionality as the employee)

No need for company absence request sheets that need to be carried around a validated by the appropriate staff member (which can be very time consuming)

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