Contactless Clocking In With Our Biometric Face Recognition Clocking In & Access Control Solutions

Enhance safety within your workplace with our new contactless biometric face recognition clocking in & access control system from Suprema – The world leading biometric supplier.

Perfect for Time & Attendance & Access Control Management.

  • Simple & Fast Face Recognition & GDPR Compliant Solutions.

  • Safe to use – employees are in close proximity to the thermal camera and NOT in close proximity to others. e.g users that are using a conventional hand held skin temperature scanners.

    Click on the video to watch the biometric thermal camera in action.

    Our Suprema Thermal Face Recognition Camera measures employee’s skin temperature at the door or screening area.

    The Biometric face recognition and integrated thermal camera measures the skin temperature of the employee.

    If their temperature is higher than the set threshold then …

    This will prevent the employee from entering into the workplace or clocking in.
    Can also trigger an ALARM and send a notification to admin to allow an health assessment to take place*

    For more information of our rang of employee thermal skin temperature solution please call us on 01257 252002
    * Through Our Biometric Suprema BioStar Software.

For more information on our solutions or to arrange an on-site with one of our consultants to discuss your access control requirements in more detail, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01257 252002 England / 01506 896 806 Scotland or use the contact form below.

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