CCTV Systems & Employee Temperature Screening Solutions

Over 70% of Crimes in general happen at night, the use of traditional CCTV cameras can easily miss vital elements of suspects, which are vital to forensic experts such as face, height, vehicle number plate, colour car etc, due to dim or insufficient lighting to an area with in your business.

Our range of biometric screening cameras ALERT you of suspect employee's with a High Temperatures - Which is essential at this time.

Our range of intelligent HD cameras offer in ultra low light the playback of a CCTV recording in vivid colour with unparalleled brightness with sharp and clear images.

Our CCTV solutions can combine all your cameras in to one easy web based portal which can easily be managed where ever you are.
Already got CCTV and Net2?

Then look at the new integrated high end video and access solutions Paxton10.

Auto time systems has been a security / access installer for over 20 years and are a proud Gold Paxton Net2 and Paxton 10 installer.

Our solutions can integrate all of your existing IP cameras and Net2 access controlled systems in to one portal along for efficient video management.

We also offer standalone and complete CCTV solutions which feature internal bullet and dome internal and external HD cameras, which record in High Definition to the state of the art web based applications / software which can be seen via your phone, tablet or PC.

Our new range of CCTV cameras can also monitor and ALERT you for suspect employee High Temperatures which is essential at this time.

Our advanced Employee temperature screening solutions

  • The HIKvision MinMoe are perfect for checking your employees temperature as they arrive at work.
  • The Minmoe comes with a range of fixing brackets and stainless steel mounts.
  • HIKvision temperture Management software included
  • Call us for more information on our range of access control employee temperature screening solutions.

HIKvision Contactless employee temperature screening solutions.

Need Contactless Access Control ? The MinMoe manages access control perfectly ?

Why not talk to us today about our integrated CCTV, Access Control and Time & Attendance solutions?