Intercom Systems can help you manage visitors and unwanted guests / canvassers and control company security levels

We specialise in voice and video intercom systems, which can be configured to allow visitors onto your premises.

Intercoms can be setup to allow different sites / departments to independently manage their visitors.

When managing visitors the administration time wasted is eliminated, as when a visitor arrives they can contact the right department instantly via a video or voice intercom system.

We can link our intercom solutions to your existing analogue,  digital or  IP (voip) system. Visitors can be managed through our range of handsets and then be granted access to your company using an access controlled door / barrier /gate at the touch of a button.

We also offer intercoms with integrated access control options i.e users can gain entry into the building through keypad, card/fob, biometric or phone token / smart watch.

We can also offer desk or wall mounted video display for video / voice visitor management.

For remote locations and multi site we can offer GSM intercom solutions and pc based solutions.

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