About the company….

Astra Vehicle Technologies Ltd is a Cheshire based, privately owned specialist engineering company offering a “one-stop-shop” approach to commercial vehicle conversions combining a wide range of chassis modification services with the expertise necessary to relocate and modify sophisticated exhaust systems.


Industry: Engineering

Solution: Kelio SaaS (Software as a Service) Time and Attendance system

What System was installed?

After a site consultation and demonstration with our Sales Director, Simon Nicholson. Astra Vehicle Technologies Ltd opted for the Kelio SaaS (Software as a Service) Time and Attendance System.

What benefits have you found with the system?

Although the system was a real learning curve for all our employees, they now find it very useful to be able to clock on whilst working off-site using their mobiles as well as book days off. The Kelio System has also helped in monitoring absences and sickness on a daily basis ensuring the company has up-to-date information for the payroll department.

Why did you decide to get in touch with Auto Time Systems?

Having recently changed the shift patterns in our workshop we found our old Time and Attendance System was outdated and unable to cope with the additional working hours. A decision was made to source a new system which was easily implemented and was supported by a company in the North West of England, meaning a quick response to any hardware faults that may occur.

Auto Time Systems was chosen, their salesman arranged a meeting and went through all the options based on the total number of employees and what information we required from the system. A Kelio Professional System was duly installed in the workshop along with the link to the online software, the staff were given a key fob to clock in and out. The customer support we received from ATS was very efficient and the fact they could log onto our system [with permission] and check what was happening meant any problems were quickly resolved.

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