Paxton Net2 software is the perfect starting point for access control in general, Paxton 10 Software is perfect for controlling video surveillance and access control from one convenient web portal.
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Please find below our range of Access control software solutions –

Paxton Net2 – The Perfect Access Control System

Paxton Net2 software is a network access controlled systems which can be manage thorough one or many computers It provides all you need to manage your sites access control and supports wired and wireless door access. The lite version of the software is free – and Net2 professional offers additional features such as a fire roll call and access to Paxton Anywhere/Mobile…

Most importantly is great for:

Paxton Net2 with Auto Time Sirrom solution (the integrated time & attendance system for Paxton Net2)

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Auto Time Systems are one of the UKs leading access and time and attendance installers, we specialise in offering a complete access control solution to manage your building and site security, to ensure that your building premises are secure and enhance the safe guarding of your staff whilst they are at work.  We have been involved in the supply and installation of access control systems in the north west of England and Scotland for the past 20 years.

We are proud to be a Paxton Gold installer as well as a Paxton AccEess Limited Integrator for companies requiring an integrated Paxton time & attendance / HR human resource solution.

Sirrom Time & Attendance System

Paxton Net2  SirromTime & Attendance solution:

If you combine Paxton Net2 with Auto Time Sirrom this solution can be tailor made to allow you to manage your employees working time and overtime accurately, flexitime working and mobile workers efficiently though your installed access control readers.

Paxton Time & Attendance Payroll Interface

Auto Time Sirrom time & attendance can also link directly to your to your SAGE, Pegasus or IRIS/Earnie payroll system. (we have over 130 payroll links available)

Paxton 10 -Access Control & Video Management from one portal

Combines access control and CCTV management though one web based portal simple….

  • Company Video surveillance and access control can be easy managed though the new secure Paxton10 portal.
  • No need for complicated integrations.
  • Features 1000 door capacity
  • Comes complete with own network server with backup facility.
  • Incorporate all your existing IP cameras in to one portal.

More features :

  • Paxton10 smart credentials – Features in-built Bluetooth® wireless technology allowing smartphones or smartwatches to be used in place of proximity key fobs / cards
  • Paxton10 cameras are available embedded with Paxton software specially engineered for Paxton10. (One solution for Access and Camera monitoring)
  • Paxton10 operation simple for remote and multi-site management though secure web based portal.
  • Paxton10 is scalable and can handle from 1 to 1000 doors and up to 1000 IP cameras.
  • Fully compatible with PaxLock and Entry and Paxton Products.
  • Paxton Net2 to Paxton 10 Migration path.

Simplify building management link directly to your intruder / fire alarm system. For more information on Paxton 10 please contact us on 01257 252002 Head Office 01506 896806 Scotland.

Great for

Features also Fire & intruder Alarm Integration – Auto Time Systems can offer Time & Attendance for Paxton Systems

For more information on our solutions or to arrange an on-site with one of our consultants to discuss your access control requirements in more detail, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01257 252002 England / 01506 896 806 Scotland or use the contact form below.

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