We offer a range of virtual software / cloud based (SaaS software as a service) clocking in solutions.

Bespoke Time & Attendance Portals For Efficient HR Management
Virtual Clocking Solutions – We offer Bespoke Time & Attendance Clocking In and Out Portals For Efficient HR Management.

For employee’s that start work when they log into their PC, our solutions make life easier with AD integration so once you’ve logged into your PC you can simply clock in using the clocking icon on your startup screen / desktop. We can also track office duties through cost centres or project work with a job numbers associated. So you always know how much time has been spent by a individual / group of people working on a project or doing office activities.

The software is intuitive and multi lingual to make the process simpler when working in different locations / countries, but most important the cost of ownership is less as no expensive hardware is needed, or time consuming client software loading needs to be done as everything operates through a secure web page.

For more information on our solutions or to arrange an on-site with one of our consultants to discuss your access control requirements in more detail, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01257 252002 England / 01506 896 806 Scotland or use the contact form below.

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