Kelio Room Reservation -
When using outlook to organise your meetings,  this automatically synchronises with the kelio system and Kelio touch screen meeting room terminals display. They then current booking and synchronise with outlook in real time so everything is up to date.

With the Kelio room reservation system, access in to a meeting room is always controlled though proximity / biometric access control technology built into the Kelio touch screen meeting room terminals so the host will need to use a key fob card or finger to gain access – no keys needed -Simple.

Door access to your meeting rooms keeps all your computers and equipment safe at all times. Should a meeting finish early the meeting then can be closed making room for the next meeting.

Book and manage your meeting direct at the door

If a Kelio touch screen meeting room is not booked, then you can use the touch screen terminal located on the door to book a meeting and invite the necessary participants.

Once the meeting time and participants details are inputted, you can then enter the room and start working.  Kelio will then send a notification to your Outlook® calendar to invite participants -simple..

Book your visitors in and manage your meeting rooms, control access to them through the Kelio Workforce Management system.
One database – Simple..

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