New Kelio Xtrem clocking terminal for extreme weather clocking in works perfectly in heat, dust, rain and the cold working environments...

Take a look at our New Kelio Xtrem clocking terminal for extreme weather clocking in use – The Kelio Xtrem clocking in machine this can literally be installed anywhere.
The Xtrem clocking in terminals can be link directly our Kelio software and can with stand extreme weather conditions such as cold, rain heat and dusty environments.
The Xtrem terminal can be stand alone then simply download your data to our web based secure highly secure and optimised (https connection)  kelio software when you are next in the office via a USB flash memory device or can also be used with a 4g mobile pack. Or just plug into your network.

Take this anywhere – we can also supply portable terminal units or mounting boards so the setup is just plug and play… Simple manage your remote employees with our Xtreme clocking in terminal.

You can also manage employee cost centres (optional) manage what jobs your staff are doing or which clocking hours are worked at each terminal eg Manchester, Liverpool and Preston sites.

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