Our biometric Face & Finger clocking in hardware range captures biometric information from individuals using patented algorithms from the world leaders in biometric technologies, so all data is encrypted and safe within our system.

Red Dot Award Winning Self Service Terminals - allow your employees to request holidays, communicate with other colleagues & HR, declare attendance, view hours worked flexi-time balances, company documents handbooks etc. Welcome & capture new employee photos when they start and more..

Our hardware ranges include:-

  • Kelio Suprema FaceLite – Face recognition system
  • New Xtrem Weather multifunctional clocking terminal
  • Biometric secure finger print scanners
  • Red Dot Award winning X7 biometric terminals – feature 7″ touch screen employee self service option.
    Broadcast terminal HR messages to your staff for work instruction/direction.
    Why not greet new employees with a welcome message and capture their photo via camera on terminal for HR references.
  • Face Recognition (Advanced Face Recognition) completely contact less.
  • Hand geometry
  • Kelio X7 Touch screen terminal – Reddot award winning self service clocking in terminals allow staff make absence requests check hours worked and overtime.
Kelio X7 Multi functional clocking terminal with automatic fire roll call system

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