We specialise in mobile time and attendance systems to mange your track your mobile workforce - individuals, home workers, mobile groups and loan workers via using our Smart phone app. Also we offer a range GSM (SIM card) Clocking in terminals

Kelio Mobile

  • Employees can clocking in using a smart phone
  • Geolocation of employee for health and safety purposes
  • Geo-fencing technologies to ensure that staff can only remotely clock in when they are at their places of work.
  • We offer cost effective clocking in tablets for mobile workers.
  • Mobile worker biometric face & finger recognition terminals feature I.P, WiFi & GSM connectivity (if you haven’t got internet access)
  • Managers can see where their employees have clocking in live on the kelio main software.
  • Employees can view their hours worked and totals & absence holiday/balances
  • Make absence requests directly to their HR department / or manager etc.
  • Manage daily duties / Cost Centre working. Employee’s daily duties can be monitored  with the use of Kelio mobile and tracked through GPS technology on the mobile phone.
  • Group clocking employee management, ie Managers can clock in employees as they arrive on site, simply they are ticked on the phone registrar and can then be seen as present on site / reported on.
  • Open doors if complemented with the Kelio access module.

Kelio Mobile Biometric Solutions

We offer a range of biometric finger or face recognition technologies that come with their own backplate that can be simply wall mounted and plugged in. The clocking data is transferred though a data sim card (or internet router).

Kelio X7 is available to use Biometric Finger, Proximity Card and Pin & Face Verification (only needs standard SIM card)

Biometric Face Recognition Working At Construction Site.

Our solutions can control your turnstiles (or we can offer a range of turnstile solutions) allow you to manage your time and attendance through our cloud based software and even offer an accurate fire roll call who onsite through our kelio fire evacuation module

Biometric Portable Access Control & Time & Attendance Solutions come with cloud based time recording portal.

  • We also specialise in the hire of biometric portable access control cabins at a competitive price per week to construction sites, fully fitted with full height turnstile and a secure office, please call us for more information.

They are available in the following formats:

  • Secure Keyfob / ID Card Access / Biometric Hand or Finger Recognition Cabin Option
  • Secure Biometric Turnstile Access Control with either face or finger recognition.
  • Access Control Software with CSCS access management (does not allow anyone on site with an expired CSCS Card)
  • Access & Time Recording Software is cloud based so you only need a pc internet connectivity.

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