Kelio Visitor Management offers professional visitor management and Room Booking Solutions, to manage your visitor security, and ensure your site is safe and secure.

Efficient Visitor management can be achieved through the Kelio Access Control System as all visits can be planned.

Once visitors arrive they can be booked in via your reception desk through the Kelio visitor portal, or via an X7 Visitor Touchscreen Terminal located in reception. Then the following can happen:-

  • The visitor host will receive a SMS txt or email to inform them of their arrival.
  • Visitor ID cards can be instantly printed.
  • Visitors are able to gain access to specific areas of the building such as a reception waiting area with their ID Card ( when complemented with Access Control )

Improve efficiency by installing Kelio Visitor Management to :-

  • Plan visits.
  • Reduce visitor / contractor management administration time.
  • Eliminate visitor paper recording.
  • Improve company visitor confidentiality / visitor data protection over paper based systems.
  • Improve site security as visitor ID cards can be seen.
  • Enrich your Health and Safety policy as visitors will be included on the fire roll call*. * in the event of your fire alarm being activated the system can automatically produce a fire roll call head count for all personnel  booked in via email or print.
  • NEW Fire Evacuation System for Kelio – Visitors would appear on this which can be viewed on a smartphone 
  • Improve visitor recording processes.
  • Visitor & time and attendance reports

Kelio Mobile Visitor Management 

The kelio visitor management can be expanded through to a mobile, this gives the functionality to organise appointments directly through your smartphone.

Your company visitors registration process can be simplified even further as they can fill in a registration form from you prior to arriving on site. This visitor registration form contains –

  • QR code
  • Time & date of visit
  • The host / person’s name they are meeting
  • Other important information e.g. Health & Safety information.

Simple Visitor book in

Then when the visitor arrives they simply just book in by presenting the QR code to the Kelio visitor touch screen terminal.

For more information on our solutions or to arrange an on-site with one of our consultants to discuss your access control requirements in more detail, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01257 252002 England / 01506 896 806 Scotland or use the contact form below.

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