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Time & Attendance Software

On Premise and Web Based Software

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Manage your staff efficiently through our range of HR, Time & Attendance, Self Service, Workforce Planning and Payroll modules which can be configured to meet your business needs.

Our range of Kelio workforce management solutions can be adapted to suit the needs of small, medium and large enterprises, and the software is a available as:-

*On premise solution – software is hosted on a physical / virtual machine/s within your organization

*SaaS ( Software as a Solution ) – a hosted solution which is secure and 100% access 24/7. No need for expensive servers or specialist staff to maintain the well being of your system.

Kelio Software Features

  • Rich HD – high definition software display to improve the user experience, each users work space can be customised to make efficient use of their kelio modules.
  • The software can also be Multi lingual ( majority of languages ) for remote locations.
  • Perfect for mult users, the administrator module can be accessed simply through a internet browser.
  • Kelio also comes with automated notification interface to alert superusers ( of daily duties ) via email therefore saving time in administration.
  • Absence management can be managed though a paperless automated absence portal and controlled through a hierarchy of managers with the appropriate span of control.
  • Superusers of the system can also manage absenteeism trends through the absence and holiday planner / Bradford factor tools
  • Working Time Directive module.
  • Group absences can be planned and managed through Kelio, to ensure you always have the correct skill sets of staff in at all times.
  • Kelio comes with a range of comprehensive reports.
  • Report generator as standard for bespoke reporting, all bespoke / customized reports can be easily exported to excel for additional functionality.
  • Kelio also has optional module which enables it to link directly to your payroll module, SAGE, Pegasus, SAP etc.
  • Other applications can be linked using its data exchange module.

Why not talk to us today about how we can streamline your work force management duties.

Time & Attendance Solutions for your sector

Time & Attendance Solutions Specially Designed For Your Sector

  • Logistics
  • Call Centre
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality & Leisure
  • Public Services
  • Health Care
  • Construction

Employee Workforce Planning

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The Kelio Planning module allows you to manage and plan your company’s staffing levels to ensure that you have the correct staff in at the right time – no more guess work.

  • Fast Web based planning made simple
  • Manage staffing levels by job / activities, by staff qualification / skill.
  • Real time Monetary planning / forecast your staffing budgets.
  • Live reporting on forecasts and actual hours worked / overtime spend.
  • Seamless email and text communication with staff to ensure shifts  and shift changes are known.
  • Integrated absence planning reduces the risk of costly replacement staff, decreased productivity and increased staff workload HR pressure.

Self Service

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Kelio Self Service Module at a glance

This module can be adapted to suit your company’s requirements and has the following features:-

  • Virtual clocking – Employees can securely clock-in and out from any browser based smart phone / tablet.
    Also If the GPS location is selected within the device this then would allow you to see the location they clocked in / out from the maps within the Kelio software ).
  • Group virtual clocking’s – clock-in a group of staff at, for example, a music concert or festival etc, from an iPad.
  • Administration – employees can view their personal information i.e.  clocking’s & absences etc.
  • Absence requests – request absences via web or mobile.
  • Clocking declarations – declare out of work activities, meetings, overtime etc.
  • Group results – allows management to manage all absence requests,  clocking’s and all other above of the designated group or departments members.
  • Virtual attendance board – see who is in, out or working on business leave or who is still in the building in case of a fire drill.
  • Alerts – automatic management alerts on anomalies/ lateness, forgotten clocking’s.
  • Loan worker feature– every time a clocking takes place your staff’s movement is tracked through GPS, you can even see this in real time from a geographical web based map!
Kelio Employee Self Service Module

HR Management

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Kelio HR Assistant allows you to manage your human resource data from one central location. Professional and personnel data HR information can be stored securely within one workforce management system.

  • Kelio HR simplifies HR management tasks such as ensuring that your staff skills and qualifications are kept valid and up to date.
  • Automatic emails can be sent to the appropriate personnel / managers to advise of any qualifications that are due to expire or any other HR information fields that  need attention e.g. visa, probation period etc.
  • Allows you to store HR documents to individuals records.
  • Communicate with employee’s via unique messaging feature on clocking in terminals for work related issues eg. Please could you report to HR for return to work assessment, or advising them of overtime work if they are interested etc..
  • Kelio HR allows you to create anonymous / employee surveys which can be then completed ‘paperless’ through the employee X7 self service clocking terminal.
  • Kelio HR assistant comes with a user friendly reporting suite and a bespoke report generator where reports can be created and exported effortlessly in to external programs such as excel, word etc.
HR Assistant Module Efficient management of your organisations HR information

Visitor Management

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Efficient Visitor management can be achieved through the Kelio Access Control System as all visits can be planned.

Once visitors arrive they can be booked in via your reception desk through the Kelio visitor portal, or via an X7 Visitor Touchscreen Terminal located in reception. Then the following can happen:-

  • The visitor host will receive a SMS txt or email to inform them of their arrival.
  • Visitor ID cards can be instantly printed.
  • Visitors are able to gain access to specific areas of the building such as a reception waiting area with their ID Card ( when complemented with Access Control )

Improve efficiency by installing Kelio Visitor Management to :-

  • Plan visits.
  • Reduce visitor / contractor management administration time.
  • Eliminate visitor paper recording.
  • Improve company visitor confidentiality / visitor data protection over paper based systems.
  • Improve site security as visitor ID cards can be seen.
  • Enrich your Health and Safety policy as visitors will be included on the fire roll call*. * in the event of your fire alarm being activated the system can automatically produce a fire roll call head count for all personnel  booked in via email or print.
  • Improve visitor recording processes.
  • Visitor & time and attendance reports
Kelio Visitor Management helps you manage your visitors securely

Clocking In Terminals

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We specialize in intelligent secure biometric Time and Attendance clocking in & Access Control solutions, our solutions are hand picked to suit every type of business to maximize the productivity and efficiency of each technology. Our biometric hardware range captures biometric information from individuals using patented algorithms from the world leaders in biometric technologies, so all data is encrypted and safe within our system.

Our hardware ranges include:-

Biometric secure finger print scanners
Red Dot Award winning X7 biometric terminals
Hand geometry
Mobile finger authentication
Face Recognition (Advanced Face Recognition)

Virtual Clocking In Solutions

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We offer a range of virtual software / cloud based (SaaS software as a service) clocking in solutions, for employee’s that start work when they log into their PC, our solutions make life easier with AD integration so once you’ve logged into your PC you can simply clock in using the clocking icon on your startup screen / desktop. We can also track office duties through cost centres or project work with a job numbers associated. So you always know how much time has been spent by a individual / group of people working on a project or doing office activities. The software is intuitive and multi lingual to make the process simpler when working in different locations / countries, but most important the cost of ownership is less as no expensive hardware is needed, or time consuming client software loading needs to be done as everything operates through a secure web page.

Mobile Clocking In

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Kelio Mobile allows users to real time clocking in from a smart phone, they can also :-

  • See hours work totals & absence balances
  • Make absence requests directly to their HR department / or manager etc.
  • Manage daily duties / Cost Centre working. Employee’s daily duties can be monitored  with the use of Kelio mobile and tracked through GPS technology on the mobile phone.
  • Group clocking employee management, ie Managers can clock in employees as they arrive on site, simply they are ticked on the phone registrar and can then be seen as present on site / reported on.
  • Open doors if complemented with the Kelio access module.

Biometric Portable Access Control & Time & Attendance Solutions 

We also specialise in the hire of biometric portable access control cabins from only £199* per week, fully fitted with full height turnstile and a secure office.

They are available in the following formats:

  • Secure Keyfob / ID Card Access / Biometric Hand or Finger Recognition Cabin Option
  • Secure Biometric Turnstile Access Control
  • Access Control Software with CSCS access management (does not allow anyone on site with an expired CSCS Card)
  • Access & Time Recording Software is available on premise or cloud based

Call us today for a free quotation for getting one delivered directly to your site, and ready to work NO hassle!

Controlled Clocking In With Our Range of Bespoke Turnstiles

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We can offer combined Access Control & Time and Attendance solutions, to manage work areas that might be high or medium or low risk with the use of turnstiles which are available in any colour / stainless steel and in full and half height sizes.
Employee access can then be controlled by our software to ensure that you have the right number of employees with the right skill sets to working in these locations at the right time.
Automatic Door / Turnstiles release in the event for a Fire Roll Call.
Automatic Fire Roll Call reports are created and sent via print / email.
Virtual Attendance Board is available for mobile technologies. (see who is in / out)

Handsfree Clocking In

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Save money on proximity cards with our hand free clocking in / Access Control solutions

We offer a range of hands free clocking in solutions what work with your employees company smart phones, the hand free clocking in works in the following 4 ways.

  • Slide mode – you simply wave your hand in front of the wall reader (whilst you have your smart phone in your pocket)
  • Tap tap mode –  tap tap your pocket to clock in, whilst in close proximity to the wall reader
  • Contact mode – you present your smart phone to the wall reader
  • Hands Free mode – simply pass in front of the reader

How it works
An app is simply downloaded to your companies  Android™  or iOS® smartphone, the application creates a unique secure ID to that phone. Once this is done, the phone is then enrolled by placing it on a USB desktop enroller which is connected to the Kelio Time and Attendance software. The employee can then clock in or gain access and clock in through a access controlled location.

Contact us today for more information on our range of clocking in systems

Clocking Systems  For a free demonstration Please Call us for your local representative if you are based in Leeds, Burnley, Blackburn, Huddersfield,  Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Lancaster, Chester, Wrexham then call us on 01257 252002 and for all Scotland enquiries please call our Scotland Offices on 01506 896806. Specialist in electronic and computerised clocking systems for over 33 years.