Our Biometric Face Recognition and Finger Recognition systems use state of the art biometric technology for accuracy, efficiency and to eliminate any fraudulent attempts of ‘buddy punching’ by your employees. We have a range of Red Dot Award Winning Biometric Clocking In systems to suit businesses of all capacities and a range of budgets.

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Why should I use Biometrics?

Over the last 25 years Auto Time Systems have been heavily involved in biometric time and attendance and combined time and attendance and access control installations for some of the most respected companies in the UK.

We are specialists in Biometric Time and Attendance solutions including; face recognition, hand, finger and facial verification.

Our Biometric Face & Thermal Cameras Improve Workplace Safety  By Instantly Measuring Employees Temperatures As They Arrive.

Detect Employees coming to work with high temperatures with our Biometric Face Recognition & Skin Temperature Solutions for Time & Attendance & Access Control systems
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Our biometric face & thermal temperature detection systems can detect employees with high temperatures that are above the set threshold and reject clocking in or access into work.

Biometric Access Control – The New Suprema F2 face recognition terminal can also identify and reject an employee from entering a building if they are not wearing a face mask. For more information click here.

Auto Time Systems Biometric Face Recognition & Employee Skin Temperature Detection Case Study :


“Glasgow Taxis Limited has been proudly serving the City of Glasgow for over 60 years in our distinctive and iconic ‘Hackney’ cabs, as the only transport provider operating 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year.  Our comprehensive range of services are delivered from our fleet of 735 taxis, the largest in the UK outside London, by our 712 drivers ably supported by a vastly experienced team of 75 staff and servicing more than 2 million customers a year.

Our company uses the latest technology, from dispatch system, fleet telecommunications, credit card terminals, and internally, electronic time management for wages calculations and forward planning for staffing.

We have engaged for many years with Auto time Systems Ltd to ensure the very latest in time management technology is available. With the advent of COVID19 in 2020 we also considered an extension to building security and staff safety while employees are on site. Over the years the time management system has proved invaluable for monitoring staff clocking’s, statistical reports and forward planning. In November 2020 we installed the latest system incorporating facial recognition and temperature control as part of our COVID19 risk assessment for the building. Immediate benefits were clear

  1. Personnel ‘clock in’ without having to make physical contact with surfaces thus reducing the possibility of cross-contamination.
  2. Temperature controls are linked to security doors to ensure that any member of staff showing signs of high temperature cannot enter the building.

The system is easy to use, efficient and support from Autotime Systems Ltd is quick and professional. On behalf of Glasgow Taxis Ltd I would recommend the system to anyone considering such a move.”


HR Manager

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What are biometric systems? –

Biometrics Systems are used to digitally identify a person and authenticate their identity from body measurement calculations using complex algorithms.  These biometric systems i.e hand, face or finger recognition then can be used for time & attendance and access control to determine a persons identity. Biometrics also provide great cost savings to companies as employees don’t need cards/fobs to clock in or gain access through doors, but most importantly they stop unauthorised guests coming into your buildings and eliminate people clocking in each other (buddy punching).

Biometric Face Recognition At Its Best – Integrated To Our Sirrom & Kelio Time & Attendance Solutions

How Do I Enrol My Staff On The Face Station 2 ?

The Sirrom software integrates direct with the Face Station 2 Simple.

Features :

  • Completely Contactless Clocking in
  • High Speed Face Matching
  • Employee Clocking In Time Display
  • Works In All Lighting Conditions


Why not put us to the test and visit out intensive biometric testing showroom at our head office or we can bring our biometric hardware solutions to demonstrate to you at your premises.

We offer full UK on-site installations from installation teams based in England & Scotland.
Biometric clocking in systems For a free demonstration Please Call us for your local representative if you are based in Leeds, Burnley, Blackburn, Huddersfield, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Lancaster, Chester, Wrexham then call us on 01257 252002 and for all Scotland enquiries please call our Scotland Offices on 01506 896806. Specialist in computerised and cloud based clocking systems for over 33 years.

Biometrics is the science and technology of measuring and statistically analysing biological data such as eye retinas and irises, facial patterns, fingerprints, and hand measurements.

Fingerprint Biometrics is the ideal solution for time and attendance, access control and job costing

  • It eliminates “buddy punching” so no more falsified time cards.
  • No unauthorised access to restricted areas of buildings.
  • A fingerprint cannot be stolen or lost
  • There is no on-going cost with biometrics. No replacement cards required.
  • Virtually no maintenance – an occasional wipe with a soft cloth will clean a reader fitted in the dirtiest environment.
  • Fingerprint biometric systems are extremely accurate, quick to implement, cost effective.

Introducing a biometric system often causes employees to raise the issue of ‘lack of trust in the workforce’ but the positives outweigh this such as accurate data collection which in turn provides an error-free payroll, more reliable fire roll-call reports and when access control is being considered, improved security for the workforce.

Would using biometrics systems be welcomed in to my business?

Biometric Portable Access Control Solutions

We also specialise in the hire of biometric portable access control cabins from a £199 per week, fully fitted with full height turnstile and a secure office.

  • Biometric Access Cabin Delivered Straight To Site
  • Biometric Access Cabin Drop Off
  • We Offer A Range Of Management Software PC & Cloud Based

They are available in the following formats:

  • Secure Keyfob / ID Card Access / Biometric Hand or Finger Recognition Cabin Option
  • Secure Biometric Turnstile Access Control
  • Access Control Software with CSCS access management (does not allow anyone on site with an expired CSCS Card)
  • Web based software for time and attendance management

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The future is here: Biometric Time Clocks

Biometric time clocks; once a dream of the future has indeed become a contemporary business necessity thanks to modern day technologies.

Time recording systems, to many peoples surprise, have actually been a part of the business industry since as early as 1888; hopping and leaping to new technological heights as the power of technology continues to develop.

Today, time recording systems: biometric time clocks in particular, are relied upon on a daily basis by businesses large and small in a bid to ensure employee time keeping is well maintained as the dog-eat-dog business world continues to develop in today’s economic climate.

The Law On Biometrics

Several pieces of legislation are relevant to the issue of biometrics, but of these the Data Protection Act 1998 is the most important. The Act provides a framework to ensure that personal information is handled properly and provides individuals with rights, such as the right to find out what personal information is held on them.

The Act stipulates that anyone processing personal information must comply with eight principles. They are:

  1. Fair and lawful processing of data
  2. Processing for limited purposes
  3. Adequate, relevant and non-excessive storage of data
  4. Keeping data accurate and up to date
  5. Ensuring data is not kept for longer than is necessary
  6. Ensuring data is processed in line with other rights
  7. Keeping data secure
  8. Ensuring data is not transferred to other countries without adequate protection

Fingerprints cannot be recreated or stolen

  • Our biometric fingerprint readers never store an image of your actual fingerprint.
  • The fingerprint sensor identifies unique minutiae points and measurements within your fingerprint and creates a digital template (not an image) for matching
  • A fingerprint template is a set of lines, angles and measurements (minutiae) based upon the unique characteristics of an individual’s fingerprint. These details are captured upon enrolling a person’s fingerprint into the system, and later used for 1:1 or 1:n matching.
  • No actual fingerprint images are stored in our database – the template is simply a mathematical representation of your fingerprint’s unique characteristics.
  • Two templates per employee are recorded. The templates are referred to as the primary and secondary templates. We normally recommend registering the right thumb and right index finger.
  • It is important to note that our biometric templates are encrypted and cannot be reverse-engineered to form a fingerprint image.

1:1 matching is the name for verification

  • This is a method of examining one biometric record against another in order to determine whether the two match.
  • This is the type of biometric match that occurs when a biometric system is set up for badge plus finger matching.
  • The user presents a badge or enters a number which tells the biometric reader who the user is supposed to be.
  • The user then proves their identity by scanning a finger on the device.
  • This type of matching is very fast and accurate, and has been in use for some time

1:n matching is the name for identification

  • 1:n matching is a means of identifying a person against a broad database of other users simply by means of a fingerprint.
  • The user simply places his / her finger on the biometric reader, and a very rapid search is initiated in order to find and verify the user’s identity.
  • This type of matching is more convenient since no PIN numbers or cards are required.

The benefits of biometric time clocks? They’re endless!

Whether you’re looking for access control solutions, elimination of falsified time recordings and enhanced payroll and H.R support systems: biometric time clocks are both the solution to your nightmares and the technology of your dreams!

Benefits include:

  • Control of who goes in and off site
  • Stops contactor access with expired CSCS cards, training / equipment certificates
  • Control visitor access
  • Control H&S inductions and does not allow anyone onto site unless they have had an induction (if required?)
  • Fast Accurate Roll Call Report – who is on site
  • Real Time Locator – Know who is on which site at any time
  • Time and Attendance calculation, hours and overtime worked
  • Get alerts on contractor re-training/ medical reviews/ qualification expiry etc.
  • All you need is access to power on site.
  • Talk to us about visiting a working reference site

Biometric time recording systems and biometric access control systems are the most sophisticated technologies in the time recording industry with their ability to read and recognise individual bespoke human features.

Your more basic biometric clocking systems are able to read finger or hand prints (biometric finger prints and biometric hand readers) linking these bespoke human characteristics to a specific persons profile. These advanced technologies eliminate employee time recording falsification as the notorious “buddy punching” phase is stopped.

The most advanced time recording technology on the market is the facial recognition biometric clocking in machine which reads a persons bespoke facial characteristics.

These advanced technologies each, in turn ensure your employee’s time, attendance and payroll is accurate while ensuring access to your business premises is secure.

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