Enhance safety within your workplace with our new skin temperature detection camera and biometric face recognition access control system from Suprema – The world leading biometric supplier.


Simple & Fast Face and Temperature Detection

Safe to use – Employees are in close proximity to the thermal camera and NOT in close proximity to others. e.g staff members that are using a conventional hand held skin temperature scanner to assess employees temperatures.

Our thermal face recognitions systems measure employee’s skin temperature at the door or screening area.

The Biometric face recognition thermal camera on the face station 2 measures the skin temperature
of the employee and if the temperature is higher than the set threshold.
Then the biometric thermal temperature detection camera automatically stops the individual from entering a work area,  this can also trigger an ALARM and send notification to admin.
If used with Auto Time Sirrom for Time & Attendance Clocking In – This will not allow a person to clock in.

The Face station 2 offers high end biometric facial recognition with skin temperature management, which is integrated into our Kelio & Sirrom ranges of clocking in & Net2 access control systems.

Suprema’s Thermal Camera enhance safety and security measures by combining skin temperature and face recognition together.

The face recognition and thermal cameras can restrict access or clocking in, should a user have a temperature that is higher than the pre-set threshold.

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