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Time Recorders

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Biometric Time Recorders:
We specialise in a range of biometric systems, each specially designed and configured to meet the need of your business application.

The most common used systems today for employee time recording are  Hand, Finger clocking in systems. Each of these technologies have proven success for many years in the building trade and industrial working environments which are commonly dusty /dirty. There are also Face & vein biometric which can also be used for recording of employee time recording.  Today we have a new range of cutting edge biometric solutions available, interested then please contact us for a non obligatory demonstration of our systems.

Auto Time Systems

Time recording machines to rent or purchase from £3 per week suitable for any small and medium sized businesses. Call us for free advice in choosing the right one for your company. Find out more about how Time Recording can benefit your business.

Time recorder

Time recording: protect your businesses future now

Time recording systems have become an integral aspect of business growth seeing huge impacts on team morale, staff time keeping and ensuring accurate pay.

Streamline your company, improve workflow, boost team morale and see your business thrive with the help of Auto Time Systems quality time recording systems.

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Surprisingly for some, time recording systems have been around since the 19th century in the form of clocking in machines having adapted over a century to the sophisticated time management systems we see today.

What are time recorders?

Time recorders are efficient devices used to keep on top of employee time-keeping in the workplace though their benefits extend across health and safety attributes, money saving, attendance monitoring, access control and increased work productivity- to name few.

Time management systems are also heavily relied on across a range of business industries large and small in the UK for their ability to link to payroll systems ensuring staff members are accurately paid for the hours they work.

How do time recorders work?

Time recorders record staff arrival and departure times from work.

Once your time recording system is installed, each staff member receives a bespoke time recording card which they use to punch in or out of work daily. Their are a variety of time recording and time and attendance systems available here at Auto Time Systems which work in different ways to ensure various business types are able to reap the benefits.

From Biometric time recording systems to clocking in machines, Auto Time Systems product range is specifically designed to suit a range of enterprise sizes and types.

What’s more: our systems are able to link to both cloud hosting and server hosting to adapt to workplaces of many operational formats.

In the modern day; time recorders are able to carry out these tasks in various ways to suit a range of businesses. One variation of this is the ‘fully automatic’ device which includes a variety of features to benefit a range of business areas such as automating the positioning and printing of a time card.

In business, its essential to keep a close eye on costs and, as we know, employment costs are the largest cost for any business owner which is why it’s imperative your investing wisely in your employees and paying them for nothing more than their time and hard work.

Who benefits from time recorders?

Time recorders have proved pivotal to the development of businesses large and small.
Here at Auto Time Systems, we have a wide variation of time recorders which benefit the different enterprise capacities.

Smaller to medium sized enterprises would benefit from our Kelio Systems for example while larger companies may look into our Biometric time recording systems: each dependant on your preferences.

Take a look at our time recording systems product range today and join thousands of UK businesses who’re reaping the benefits as we speak!

Why choose Auto Time Systems?

Here at Auto Time Systems we’re committed to ensuring we reach and exceed customer satisfaction, at every interaction operating our company in the ‘old school’ fashion where: the customer is always right.

In light of this, we offer remote or on site support for your time recorder to ensure it’s always working tip top for you and your business.

Our time management systems come with various features to ensure they’re able to benefit your business flawlessly. For more information on our extensive range of sophisticated time management systems, why not drop us a quick call now on 0800 5677668?

The bottom line…

Here at Auto Time Systems we understand how workplace time management and policing time management among staff can be a challenging role.

In respect of this, our time recording product range focuses specifically on enhancing enterprises large and small while highlighting employees who’re less focused than others.

Invest in your time management system today, save money in accurate payroll, eliminate the ‘slackers’ in your workplace with your cost effective, reliable time management system now.

For more information on our exclusive time recording systems; check out our online store or contact us today on 0800 5677668 for free, impartial advice.