Seiko – TP6 The New Replacement Model For TP-20 Time & Date Stamp Machine


Product Description

Introducing the all new SEIKO TP-6 New Replacement Model For TP-20 Time & Date Stamp product from Seiko Solutions Inc.

The TP6 replaces the popular TP20 and TP10 Time & Date Stamp Machines.

The TP-6 provides the essential features of time & date printing in different formats combined with a highly durable and reliable printing mechanism. The TP-6 offers standard time & date printing which can be combined with 13 pre-set comments, the print set being created on the machine itself.

The TP6 is simple and stylish with easy operation and highly efficient, perfect for;

  • Job Costing
  • Time and Attendance
  • Recording transactions
  • Document issuing / receiving
  • Check in / out
  • Delivery / dispatch