Auto Time Box Biometric Time & Attendance Solution


The Time Box X4 Biometric & Proximity clocking terminal  


What do I get in the box ?

In the auto time box x1 pack you will get 1 proximity terminal where the clocking’s can be collected through a: USB key for wireless installation or IP Connection

One badge reader available (depending on the pack selected).

The additional key features of the software you can also add additional terminals for your employees 1 – 100.

Auto Time Box Features are:

  • Easy to use.
  • Capacity of up to 100 employees.
  • Weekly & Monthly Clocking Views.
  • View who’s in now.
  • See individual and grouped employees clocking’s in one screen.
  • Manage anomalies i.e lateness or when a person forgets to clock in or out.
  • Hours Worked Report Exports to Excel®.
  • Bell ringing facility.
  • Management of public holidays, breaks and overtime.
  • ISO certified product.
  • Dimensions  Width: 120 mm x Height: 180 mm x  Depth: 30 mm.
  • Wifi Option available (call 01257 252002)
  • Over 5000 installations.
  • Choose your Clocking In Cards &  Fobs Here
  • Can be upgraded to work with Kelio Time & Attendance Systems


Auto Time Systems
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