Seiko TP6 Time And Date Stamp Machine



Seiko TP-6 Electronic Time And Date Stamp

Introducing the all new SEIKO TP-6 New Replacement Model For TP-20 Time & Date Stamp product from Seiko Solutions Inc.

TP20 and TP10 Time & Date Stamp Machines model are replaced with The Seiko Electronic TP6 Time & Date Stamp

The TP-6 provides the essential features of time & date printing in different formats combined with a highly durable and reliable printing mechanism. The TP-6 offers standard time & date printing which can be combined with 13 pre-set comments, the print set being created on the machine itself.

The TP6 is simple and stylish with easy operation and highly efficient, perfect for;

  • Fast electronic time & date stamping of documents
  • Job Costing – Record the start and stop time of each job or operation on our job costing cards.
  • Time and Attendance time stamp Clocking in and out on clock cards
  • Recording transactions.
  • Document issuing / receiving.
  • Check in / out.
  • Delivery / dispatch.
  • TP6 Time & Date Stamp Machine is the New Replacement Model  Seiko TP-20 time and date stamper. –

    Customer Testimonials

    Seiko TP-6 Perfect for laboratory use – We use the Seiko tp6 to time and date stamp forms quickly and efficiently

    The MHRA and UKAS/ISO standards state that laboratory’s must audit their turnaround times for processing samples. In order to do this request forms must be date and time stamped on receipt into the laboratory. The Seiko tp-6 time stamper that I use is the most effective and reliable recorder on the market and also the most robust for dealing with the volume of requests entering specimen reception.

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