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Seiko 395 replaces Seiko QR 350 time recorder

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Seiko QR 395 Authorised UK Distributor 

Seiko 395 replaces Seiko QR 350 time recorder
The Seiko QR-395i & Seiko QR-395 new range of calculating Time Recorders were developed for your easy payroll operation. It offers you daily elapsed time calculation between IN and OUT times shown on the card and its accumulation per pay period, this clock is suitable for up to 100 employees. Every time a person clocks in and out the Seiko QR-395 calculates the hours worked between the in & out times, this gives you a total of hours per day worked.

This time recorder accumulates the total of hours worked per day to give a grand total of hours worked at the end of the week or month.

The Seiko QR-395 is the world’s best featured calculating time recorder in its class.

This clock once unpacked and plugged in will be ready use Comes complete with a Box 100 of Clock Cards

Auto Time Systems is a Seiko Authorised Distributor

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