Paxton 10

What is Paxton10?

It is a NEW Browser based Company Video surveillance and access control system that can be easy managed though the new secure Paxton10 portal.
No need for complicated access and CCTV integrations. Click here for more info..
Login into to Paxton 10 from anywhere all you need is a browser to control your Access & manage your CCTV – Perfect..

Auto Time Systems are proud to have a Paxton 10 GOLD Installer status.

Features :

  • Use your SMART Phone Or Smart Watch as your FREE access key This is FREE to Paxton10 Users – No need for fobs / cards or expensive readers.
  • 1000 door capacity
  • Paxton 10 cloud services allows you to have a multi site combined access and CCTV system which can span across companies, building and cities.
  • The multi site Paxton 10 cloud system can be easily setup and doesn’t require a complicated or physical network.
  • The Paxton 10 system comes complete with own network server with backup facility.
  • Incorporate all your existing IP cameras in to one portal.
  • More features :Paxton10 smart credentials – Features in-built Bluetooth® wireless technology allowing smartphones or smartwatches to be used in place of proximity key fobs / cards
  • Paxton10 cameras are available embedded with Paxton software specially engineered for Paxton10. (One solution for Access and Camera monitoring)
  • Paxton10 operation simple for remote and multi-site management though secure web based portal.
  • Paxton10 is scalable and can handle from 1 to 1000 doors and up to 1000 IP cameras.
  • Fully compatible with PaxLock and Entry and Paxton Products.
  • Paxton Net2 to Paxton 10 Migration path.
  • Simplify building management link directly to your intruder / fire alarm system.For more information on Paxton10 Click Here or please contact or call us on 01257 252002


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