Employee Biometric Body Temperature Scanners Help You Solve Some Of The Challenges Caused By The Coronavirus

Ensure that your workplace remains as safe as possible, Auto Time Systems are specialists in the supply and installation of biometric body temperature screening equipment. Our temperature screening solutions help you maintain safe working with in your organisation.

The initial corona virus main symptoms are high temperature according to medical advice, our temperature screening systems help you manage your employees body or skin temperatures instantly as they arrive at work with our range of contactless solutions.

The Bodet Kentix SmartXcan is rapid way off accessing an employees temperature using a safe contactless multiple body scan across the eyes and forehead.

The Kentix SmartXcan can then restrict access into the company workplace when complemented with our time and attendance / controlled access control solutions.

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Detect Individuals with high temperatures With Our Biometric Face Recognition Skin Temperature Time & Attendance & Access Control Solutions

Enhance safety within your workplace with our new skin temperature detection camera and biometric face recognition access control system from Suprema – The world leading biometric supplier.


Simple & Fast Face and Temperature Detection

Safe to use – Employees are in close proximity to the thermal camera and NOT in close proximity to others. e.g staff members that are using a conventional hand held skin temperature scanner to assess employees temperatures.

Our thermal face recognitions systems measure employee’s skin temperature at the door or screening area.

The Biometric face recognition thermal camera on the face station 2 measures the skin temperature
of the employee and if the temperature is higher than the set threshold.
Then the biometric thermal temperature detection camera automatically stops the individual from entering a work area,  this can also trigger an ALARM and send notification to admin.
If used with Auto Time Sirrom for Time & Attendance Clocking In – This will not allow a person to clock in.

The Face station 2 offers high end biometric facial recognition with skin temperature management, which is integrated into our Kelio & Sirrom ranges of clocking in & Net2 access control systems.

Suprema’s Thermal Camera enhance safety and security measures by combining skin temperature and face recognition together.

The face recognition and thermal cameras can restrict access or clocking in, should a user have a temperature that is higher than the pre-set threshold.

For more information of on our Thermal biometric face skin temperature  recognition solutions and for a FREE quotation and brochure please use the contact form below, or please call us on 01257 252002 to discuss your requirements in more details.

Auto Time Systems Launch Their New Website With All Our Products & Services You Didn’t Know About

Dear Customers,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Auto Time Systems new website… Finally.

A little history : Auto Time Systems has now been trading since 1981 – Auto Time Systems originally setup by David Morris back in 1981, 39 Years ago doesn’t time fly more…

Over the past years we have grown through loyal customers continuing to use our consultancy and support services as well as acquiring new business thorough our range solutions.
Which include Auto Time Sirrom ( For those who ask us what Sirrom means ? this is Morris spelt backwards ), and Kelio Workforce Management & Synchonised Clock & PA Alert Systems from Bodet. Thank you to our customers.

Over the past 25 years our relationship has grown with Bodet to become the UK leading supplier of their equipment and services and we have been honored to be a Gold Partner 2018 & 2019.. Bodet is the largest supplier of time systems in Europe..

Our range of NEW Work force management solutions provide time & attendance with added modules to enhance efficiency within your workplace such as self service  HR, Planning and payroll / Links and NEW completely contactless biometric Clocking in solutions.

We offer complete Access Control Solutions which comprise of controlling site access with our range of visitor management solutions, gates, barriers, turnstiles with associated access control hardware.

Finally  All The Product & Services You Didn’t Know About Click Here…

Our priority over that past years and to do in the future – is to offer the best possible cutting edge solutions to our customers to ensure our quality and services are maintained always.

Especially at these times, to companies that are using our range of Biometric Systems – you may find this news helpful?

Safer Clocking in Guidance From Auto Time Systems 

Also Companies on support please quote SAVE% and receive 10% discount on all ID Cards & Fobs purchased should you required additional quantities?

Thank you

Auto Time Systems

01257 252002 Head Office

01506 896 806 Scotland 

Auto Time Systems COVID 19 Health & Safety Guidelines

Its has been a strange time since the 23rd March that the PM announced that the country would go into a full lockdown.

Since then Auto Time Systems devised a stringent plan that all workers would work from home to continue our commitment of support to our customers.

On Sunday 10th May was announced by the government that:

Boris Johnson speech :PM unveils a conditional plan to reopen society. The PM said that people who could not work from home should return to work – but avoid public transport.

Auto Time Systems have taken steps and put together a COVID 19 HEALTH & SAFETY Action plan to ensure that our engineers & staff most importantly can work safely and offer the safest approach to looking after our valued existing and new customers.

For more information on this please contact us at contact@autotimesystems.co.uk
Or call us on 01257 252002.


Auto Time Systems
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