FREE Time & Attendance Software With A New Paxton Access Control System

Free High End Time & Attendance Software with any typical Paxton or Suprema Biometric Installation of 5 or more doors, gates or barrier controls.

Manage your building access security and get the enhanced benefit of managing employees time and attendance, hours worked, absences and overtime accurately at no extra cost…,.

Call us today for more information on getting our FREE Time & Attendance offer – 40 Years access control installer experience – Paxton Access Accredited Gold UK National Installer.

Kelio Xtrem Clocking In Terminal

Take a look at our New Kelio Xtrem weather clocking terminal – which can literally be installed anywhere.
The Xtrem clocking in terminals can be link directly our Kelio software and can with stand extreme weather conditions heat, rain, dust and cold.
The Kelio Xtrem terminal can be stand alone then simply download your data to our web based kelio software when you are next in the office via USB or can also be used with our 4g mobile pack. Take this anywhere – we can also supply portable terminal units or mounting boards so the setup is just plug and play… Simple manage your remote employees with our Xtreme clocking in terminal for more information call us today.

Take a look at the NEW Suprema X Station 2 Smart Phone QR Code and Muti functional Time & Attendance Clocking In Terminal

The NEW Suprema X Station 2 is a Multi Proximity Card Clocking In Time & Attendance System Terminal With QR Code scanning feature to allow maximum scalability – This allows companies to select their preferred type of proximity cards, fobs or allow staff to use their phone as a clocking in credential. For more information on the Suprema X Station 2 Click here

Paxton 10 Launches Multi Site Span Your Access & CCTV across Companies, Buildings & Cities With NO physical / Complicated Network Infrastructure – Call us to see how?


Paxton 10

What is Paxton10?

It is a NEW Browser based Company Video surveillance and access control system that can be easy managed though the new secure Paxton10 portal.
No need for complicated access and CCTV integrations. Click here for more info..
Login into to Paxton 10 from anywhere all you need is a browser to control your Access & manage your CCTV – Perfect..

Auto Time Systems are proud to have a Paxton 10 GOLD Installer status.

Features :

  • Use your SMART Phone Or Smart Watch as your FREE access key This is FREE to Paxton10 Users – No need for fobs / cards or expensive readers.
  • 1000 door capacity
  • Paxton 10 cloud services allows you to have a multi site combined access and CCTV system which can span across companies, building and cities.
  • The multi site Paxton 10 cloud system can be easily setup and doesn’t require a complicated or physical network.
  • The Paxton 10 system comes complete with own network server with backup facility.
  • Incorporate all your existing IP cameras in to one portal.
  • More features :Paxton10 smart credentials – Features in-built Bluetooth® wireless technology allowing smartphones or smartwatches to be used in place of proximity key fobs / cards
  • Paxton10 cameras are available embedded with Paxton software specially engineered for Paxton10. (One solution for Access and Camera monitoring)
  • Paxton10 operation simple for remote and multi-site management though secure web based portal.
  • Paxton10 is scalable and can handle from 1 to 1000 doors and up to 1000 IP cameras.
  • Fully compatible with PaxLock and Entry and Paxton Products.
  • Paxton Net2 to Paxton 10 Migration path.
  • Simplify building management link directly to your intruder / fire alarm system.For more information on Paxton10 Click Here or please contact or call us on 01257 252002

We Are Open – Why Not Talk To Us About Our Contactless Clocking In & Home Worker Clocking In Solutions

Auto Time Systems are back to business as normal
for support, maintenance and system help and sales and queries.

We have just launched our new computerised home worker software which allows users to request home working dates.

Our mobile software then allows your employees to clock in and out from home or remotely, but the most important thing that all the time and attendance hours from office and home working will be collated together to ensure the correct payments of hours worked and overtime or flexi time balances are correct (and you can geo-locate them if you need to know where the clocking took place.)

Also In the event of your fire alarm sounding our time and attendance systems automatically create an email fire roll call list of who’s in i.e staff & visitors.

But all the home workers are excluded from the fire roll call printout / fire evacuation to improve & simplify the module count

We also have a new contactless Biometric face recognition terminal which are completely contactless, which measure your employees temperatures as they arrive to clock in and if they have a high temperature then the clocking in is rejected by the terminal and clocking screen display turns red to advice.

Reduce Costs & Make A Safer Workplace –  Our face recognition with skin temperature detection terminals reduce your staff administration costs as you don’t need to additional staff to take and manage everyone’s temperature as they arrive at work.

Biometric Face & Temperature Case Study


“Glasgow Taxis Limited has been proudly serving the City of Glasgow for over 60 years in our distinctive and iconic ‘Hackney’ cabs, as the only transport provider operating 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year.  Our comprehensive range of services are delivered from our fleet of 735 taxis, the largest in the UK outside London, by our 712 drivers ably supported by a vastly experienced team of 75 staff and servicing more than 2 million customers a year.

Our company uses the latest technology, from dispatch system, fleet telecommunications, credit card terminals, and internally, electronic time management for wages calculations and forward planning for staffing.


We have engaged for many years with Auto time Systems Ltd to ensure the very latest in time management technology is available. With the advent of COVID19 in 2020 we also considered an extension to building security and staff safety while employees are on site. Over the years the time management system has proved invaluable for monitoring staff clocking’s, statistical reports and forward planning. In November 2020 we installed the latest system incorporating facial recognition and temperature control as part of our COVID19 risk assessment for the building. Immediate benefits were clear


  1. Personnel ‘clock in’ without having to make physical contact with surfaces thus reducing the possibility of cross-contamination.
  2. Temperature controls are linked to security doors to ensure that any member of staff showing signs of high temperature cannot enter the building.

The system is easy to use, efficient and support from Autotime Systems Ltd is quick and professional. On behalf of Glasgow Taxis Ltd I would recommend the system to anyone considering such a move.”


HR Manager

We Are Open From Thursday 5th Until Wednesday 2nd December – During National Restrictions


Dear Auto Time Systems Customers,

We are still operating during the new period of national restrictions from Thursday 5th November until Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

Looking after our customers and keeping everyone safe during the coronavirus pandemic is our top priority.

We are working in line with our COVID 19 Action Plan to ensure that our mobile and office based team members can work safely and offer the safest approach to looking after our  existing and new customers. This obviously means we are having to adjust our services and practices as needed.

As the majority of our office staff are working from home during this period please see below for the most efficient contact methods:-

Sales and New Enquiries :

Accounts :

Technical Enquiries and SLA Customers :

You can also contact us by using our Contact Us form by clicking here

Our phoneline 01257 252002 will still be available but you may experience longer delays in answering.

Suprema’s NEW Facestation F2 – Meets the need of the post-pandemic world :-

The Facestation F2 

  • Features simple remote pre-enrollment through an user photo, then let the facestation F2 do the rest.
    On first user use the F2 facestation creates the perfect biometric template of the employee going forward. No need to enroll again.
  • Completely Contactless extended face recognition 50cm to 130cm
  • Detection of users without face masks and face recognition of users wearing masks.For a free on-site demonstration or more information click here
  • Can also be used to identify people with high skin temperatures with the integrated skin temperature thermal camera (internal use)

Bodet Kelio Biometric Face & Temperature Detection Clocking In Terminals

Bodet feature the NEW facestation2 biometric facial and temperature recognition clocking in terminals in there new range of cloud and on-premise range of V4 software.

  • These terminals are :
  • perfect for contactless clocking in
  • The additional temperature module can be added and retro fitted should you want to manage employees temperatures when they arrive on-site to work.
  • Also this face recognition terminal can be used for access control, so if a staff member arrives and their temperature is too high then the terminal will reject the clocking and not allow them access through the door into work.
  • Any problems clocking in – let your staff communicate our range of intercom solutions.

For a free demonstration of the NEW kelio V4 Software and the face recognition terminal range – call us today on 01257 252002

Bespoke Time & Attendance Portals For Efficient HR Management 

Employee Biometric Body Temperature Scanners Help You Solve Some Of The Challenges Caused By The Coronavirus

Ensure that your workplace remains as safe as possible, Auto Time Systems are specialists in the supply and installation of biometric body temperature screening equipment. Our temperature screening solutions help you maintain safe working with in your organisation.

The initial corona virus main symptoms are high temperature according to medical advice, our temperature screening systems help you manage your employees body or skin temperatures instantly as they arrive at work with our range of contactless solutions.

The Bodet Kentix SmartXcan is rapid way off accessing an employees temperature using a safe contactless multiple body scan across the eyes and forehead.

The Kentix SmartXcan can then restrict access into the company workplace when complemented with our time and attendance / controlled access control solutions.

Call us for more information on our range of employee temperature body screening systems.

Detect Individuals with high temperatures With Our Biometric Face Recognition Skin Temperature Time & Attendance & Access Control Solutions

Enhance safety within your workplace with our new skin temperature detection camera and biometric face recognition access control system from Suprema – The world leading biometric supplier.


Simple & Fast Face and Temperature Detection

Safe to use – Employees are in close proximity to the thermal camera and NOT in close proximity to others. e.g staff members that are using a conventional hand held skin temperature scanner to assess employees temperatures.

Our thermal face recognitions systems measure employee’s skin temperature at the door or screening area.

The Biometric face recognition thermal camera on the face station 2 measures the skin temperature
of the employee and if the temperature is higher than the set threshold.
Then the biometric thermal temperature detection camera automatically stops the individual from entering a work area,  this can also trigger an ALARM and send notification to admin.
If used with Auto Time Sirrom for Time & Attendance Clocking In – This will not allow a person to clock in.

The Face station 2 offers high end biometric facial recognition with skin temperature management, which is integrated into our Kelio & Sirrom ranges of clocking in & Net2 access control systems.

Suprema’s Thermal Camera enhance safety and security measures by combining skin temperature and face recognition together.

The face recognition and thermal cameras can restrict access or clocking in, should a user have a temperature that is higher than the pre-set threshold.

For more information of on our Thermal biometric face skin temperature  recognition solutions and for a FREE quotation and brochure please use the contact form below, or please call us on 01257 252002 to discuss your requirements in more details.


Auto Time Systems
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