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State of the Art Access Control Systems for your Glasgow Business

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Are you a business owner looking for ways to streamline workplace productivity? Do you want a more secure workplace?

Integrated access control and time and attendance systems are a great way of increasing security measures and time and attendance monitoring for your business in Glasgow.

Whether you’re looking for simplistic systems or fully advanced solutions, Auto Time Systems have a range of products to suit low, medium or higher budgets.

Contact our team today to discuss the range bespoke features available with our access control and time and attendance solutions. From biometrics to smart identification (ID) cards, to cloud hosted or manual, we have a wide range of features and software which can integrate with your system and work to your company’s advantage.

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Superior Access Control – Paxton10

Here at Auto Time Systems, we’re constantly providing Glasgow businesses with efficient access control and time and attendance systems improving security, absenteeism and punctuality.

Small medium and large businesses throughout the UK require enhanced security deterring and eliminating threats of theft while protecting staff and their property.

Rivalling traditional key locking systems, access control systems auto lock doors which means your doors will never be accidently left unlocked again.

Control who has access to your building with superior Paxton10 access control and CCTV solutions from Auto Time Systems.

Why Businesses in Glasgow need Access Control?

Access control systems pose access security benefits as well as the following:

  • Once installed they’re simple to use
  • Able to integrate time and attendance monitoring
  • Access restrictions for unauthorised people
  • Save money on hiring security guards
  • Easily void lost or stolen ID cards

Can I access my access control system via the web?

Access control systems offer fantastic web integration features allowing ease of access from virtually anywhere. Features include:

  • Employees can use their Smart phone and iwatches to gain access securely and is the smart credentials do this are FREE with Paxton10
  • Events and Notifications when access points have been used
  • Instant control of access points direct from online access point
  • Know instantly when unauthorised access has been gained
  • Free Net 2 Software for Auto Time Systems customers
  • Smart Card integration
  • Control access panels using your smartphone

Time and Attendance

Make easy work of monitoring employee time and attendance with our integrated time, attendance and access control systems.

Our automated time and attendance systems are ideal for reducing labour costs by consistently and accurately enforcing work and pay rules throughout your business or organisation in Glasgow.

Advanced Security Measures

For those of you looking for the most advanced access control panels in terms of security; Auto Time Systems offer biometric access control systems for businesses in Glasgow and throughout the UK.

Biometric access control solutions is the most advanced technology available on the market with its ability to read fingerprints, iris’s, hand prints and facial recognition.

If you’re looking for advanced security systems in your workplace in Glasgow, contact Auto Time Systems on  for your free quote today. 01413704951 or 01506 896 806 (Livingston)