Service Level Agreement Terms and Conditions

Auto Time Systems Northern Ltd (hereby referred to as Auto Time Systems) offers to provide you with a Service Level Agreement, subject to your acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

Nominated Users

  1. To comply with GDPR, we request that you assign two nominated trained users to use the agreement. Further details regarding our GDPR policy can be found at the following link:
  2. In the event of annual leave/sickness, a temporary nominated trained user can be appointed. Prior notice in writing is required.
  3. The nominated trained user must have received formal training from Auto Time Systems unless otherwise agreed by us in writing.
  4. It is your responsibility to notify us of any changes surrounding the nominated trained user, for example, if the user has left the business.
  5. It is your responsibility to notify us if you wish to change a nominated trained user.
  6. Nominated users are not mandatory but strongly advised.
  7. Auto Time Systems cannot be held responsible if nominated users are not allocated.


  1. The nominated trained user must adhere to the Auto Time Systems Service Level Agreement procedure.
  2. Tickets will not be raised for the nominated trained user unless they pass the initial database check and the user is verified.
  3. We may monitor and record our calls and emails, as a way of reviewing our practices and procedures.
  4. Auto Time Systems will provide technical support during normal working hours (Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm)
  5. Our first line technical support team aim to contact the nominated trained user within the next working hour from the logging of the ticket.
  6. To provide first-line technical support, our technical team may require remote access to your PC. You are required to provide full co-operation and assistance in this instance.
  7. Whilst every effort is made to maintain a remote access link to the equipment, Auto Time Systems are not liable for any loss suffered if for any reason the link is unavailable or interrupted during the session.
  8. If the first line technical support team are unable to resolve the fault/issue this ticket will automatically be passed to the secondary support team. The fault/issue will be assessed and if a site visit is deemed required, this will be scheduled for the appropriately qualified technician.
  9. Appointments will be scheduled at the earliest availability at a mutually convenient time and date for an appropriate qualified technician.
  10. To arrange the site/service visit, we may contact you by phone or email.
  11. All technician appointments will be booked to commence during normal working hours (Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm).
  12. Our technician will attend site on the agreed date and time to inspect the equipment. Should a replacement part be required, we will arrange with you a mutually convenient date and time to return and complete the work.
  13. Whilst we endeavour to fulfil all appointments, it may be necessary on occasion, due to unforeseen circumstances, to cancel or rearrange appointments. In these circumstances, prior notice will be given where reasonably possible.
  14. If our technician is unable to attend site, due to unforeseen circumstances on your part, we request notice as soon as possible.
  15. The technician will endeavour to contact you 30 minutes before the appointment to provide you with an estimated time of arrival. Should we be unable to contact you, the technician will leave a message where possible and proceed to attend the scheduled appointment.
  16. You are responsible for providing adequate parking for the technician to attend site.
  17. Whilst on-site, you are responsible for the Health and Safety of the technician. We reserve the right to cancel the appointment if the technician’s Health & Safety cannot be guaranteed.
  18. You are responsible for ensuring the technician have safe and clear access to the equipment.
  19. The technician must not be left in the premises alone.
  20. Should a replacement part be required an alternative compatible replacement will be supplied with similar technical specification.
  21. We may repair the equipment away from your premises.
  22. You are to incur the full cost of carriage for returning the equipment to Auto Time Systems.
  23. Auto Time Systems may, at our discretion, lend you temporary replacement equipment whilst repairs are carried out.
  24. If an item of equipment is deemed faulty and the system can be reconfigured, Auto Time Systems has no requirement to replace this item of equipment if the system is fully operational.
  25. It may be necessary for our engineer to access the computer or server where the software is installed. Access to this is to be made available where necessary.
  26. To carry out an appointment, our engineer may require your IT, Security or Fire Alarm provider to be onsite. You are responsible for making and covering the associated costs of this appointment.
  27. The technician is required to complete a Submission Sheet before leaving the site. We request a signature from an on-site point of contact. On submission, you will receive a copy by email of this job sheet for your records.
  28. We reserve the right to determine if your equipment is beyond economical repair. If this is the case the engineer will pass the job sheet onto your account manager who will advise you accordingly.
  29. We reserve the right to cancel the appointment should the necessary parts be unavailable or if the product has become obsolete.
  30. In the event that the issue is not system related to Auto Time Systems provided equipment, then the technician will advise you of this. The job sheet will be passed to our office and we reserve the right to charge for this appointment.


  1. The equipment must have been installed in accordance with installation instructions.
  2. You must operate your equipment in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. The equipment must not be modified or moved. By doing so you will void the warranty and Service Level Agreement.
  3. Your equipment must not be misused or neglected.
  4. Problems caused by the following are excluded:
    •  PC/Server
    • Upgrading operating systems
    • Viruses and malware
    • Any faults caused by accidents or damage
    • Any faults caused by rust, corrosion, fire, explosion, floods, water, lightning, storms, frost or other bad weather conditions
  1. Unless otherwise stated in writing on the Service Level Agreement equipment list the following are excluded:
    • Software Server
    • PC Server
    • Network Infrastructure
    • Software reinstallation
    • Software relocation
    • Software upgrade
  1. Payments will not be approved for costs or compensation arising from being unable to use your equipment or any other loss or damage not included in your agreement.


  1. We will contact you six weeks before the renewal agreement. This must be signed, dated and returned to our office to process before the stated start date.
  2. Failure to return the agreement before the stated start date may result in an administration fee being charged.
  3. All our agreements commence at the 1st of the month.
  4. Under circumstances were equipment is identified as ‘end of life’ and obsolete, Auto Time systems may on written notice exclude such equipment from this contract.
  5. Any additional equipment purchased throughout the agreement will be placed and charged on a pro-rata basis to fall in line with your main agreement.
  6. In the instance that a newer system is purchased, the agreement may transfer over onto the new system where applicable. This will be determined by the account manager (known as a rollover agreement).
  7. Invoices will be issued on commencement of the agreement. Payment is to be made on receipt of the invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing by Auto Time Systems.


  1. You will receive a full refund if you cancel your agreement within the 14-day period from the agreement start date (known as the cooling-off period).
  2. If you wish to cancel your agreement, we require 2 months’ notice in writing.
  3. If you cancel the agreement after the 14-day period, the following applies:
    • If you have not logged a ticket with our technical team, received a call out, upgrade or service visit we will refund you the remaining full months of your Service Level Agreement, deducting the 2-month notice period.
    • If you have logged a ticket with our technical team, received a call out, upgrade or service visit, no refund will be given. If the invoice is still outstanding, you will be required to pay this in full.


  1. Agreement reviews are conducted yearly. Additions and changes can be proposed during this annual review.
  2. Auto Time Systems reserve the right to apply an annual price increase during this review, taking into account inflation.
  3. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights. Auto Time Systems reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.
  4. It is your responsibility to read and agree to the Service Level Agreement Terms and Conditions when renewing your agreement.
  5. A returned signed agreement will be taken as acceptance of the Service Level Agreement.


  1. Dedicated Service Helpdesk for Call Logging & Tracking Remote Support & Diagnosis
  2. Unlimited Remote Desktop Support
  3. Assurance should you experience any technical difficulties
  4. Newsletters with Technical advice & Tips
  5. Allocated Account Manager
  6. Engineer Call-Outs (for Hardware support only)*
  7. Replacement Spare Parts (for Hardware support only)*


  1. Problems caused by the following are excluded:
    • PC/Server
    • Upgrading operating systems
    • Viruses and Malware
    • Network Issues
    • Any faults caused by accidents, damage, or vandalism
    • Any faults caused by rust, corrosion, fire, explosion, floods, water, lightning, storms, frost, or other bad weather conditions
    • Any faults caused by power fluctuations (power cuts/spikes/surges)
    • Any faults caused by attempting to move the hardware or software installed by ATS
  1. Any faults relating to the Fire Alarm or cabling infrastructure between the ATS device and Fire Alarm Relay
  2. Any associated costs for any Fire Alarm provider site visit
  3. Software upgrade (unless otherwise stated in the service level agreement)
  4. Annual Service Visit (unless otherwise stated in the service level agreement)

*this is for customers with hardware support only – this does not cover customers with software only support or hardware assistance. 

Version 01.21

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