Wireless Master Clocks

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Auto Time Systems can help you make the right decision on the best suited Wireless Master Clock to suit your application. We also offer a free on site consultation to UK based customers through our experienced staff. Why not talk to us about our range of high quality master clocks and accurate timing solutions for clocks, computers networks and other devices such as bell ringing or heating systems.

Our NTP server master clocks can also broadcast time data over an Ethernet network. his option is used to synchronise the clock time through your network as well as power the each clock, rather than using battery’s to power each clock. Therefore the connected clocks receive the message continuously and display the same time as the company’s computers, phones etc. This technology uses the NTP (Network Time Protocol) that corrects propagation time continuously over the TCP/IP network enabling synchronisation of equipment’s such computers or servers.

Wireless Master Clocks at a glance:

  •  Wireless Signal to synchronise I.P Network / NTP, clocks & bells / melodies
  •  Wireless Signal to synchronise clocks
  •  Wireless Signal to synchronise clocks & bells/melodies

Features available:

  • Modular and upgradable product
  • Programming and setting through PC software and USB key
  • Support many synchronisation signals (GPS, RADIO, NTP)
  • Offer multiple output protocols for time distribution i.e.
  •  (Impulse, Wireless, NTP, AFNOR)
  • Display with 2 lines of 24 luminous characters:
  •  User-friendly and simple interface
  • Programming, manual or automatic activation of the relays
  • Programming of holidays or special day periods and summer/winter setting
  • Programming of the time signal on the output
  • Display of programming and alarms

Comes with PC programming software:

  • Simple and user friendly
  • All functions and programming accessible and downloadable
  • Wall or Rack Mountable Models available

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