Public Address Systems



We offer a range of PA systems that can be independent, (to get real time announcements or pre-recorded messages across to your staff at the push of a button pre-recorded messages such as lockdown, all clear, evaluate etc in the event of an emergency) or can be linked up to our range of wireless clocks and time displays and factory bells to ensure your company runs on time.

Features of the Sigma C public announcement / PA system:

  • Harmony public address system features master clock ( main unit) which can be powered over the Ethernet (PoE)
  • Wall / Ceiling mounted Indoor Speakers PoE
  • External Wall mounted speakers PoE
  • Microphone for live announcements as well as the ability to zone – you have 8 or 15 zones available on microphone
  • Panic button units PoE, for Lock Down & Panic button functionality
  • Can be used to broadcast messages / sound for workplace breaks comes with 18 pre-installed bells sounds and stores up to 30 MP3s
  • Able to synchronise with clocks
  • Precise timing

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