ID Card Bespoke Design



Does your ID Card Design need the professional touch? Then look no further.

Auto Time Systems offers a complete Unique ID Card design & manufacture service for all your ID card needs. Let us take away the worry. All you need to do is send a rough design or layout to our team of designers and we’ll handle the rest. Our service is ideal for organisations wanting cost effective ID card solutions, with the professional look.

Why our service works?
By using Auto Time Systems we can offer direct a vast range of cards from the latest Smart card Technology to Proximity (RFID) and Barcode Technologies from some of the World’s most respected companies such as HID and Motorola. We can provide you with that professional look without the outlay.

We are able to go a little further than our competitors by having the ability to offer exactly what you need, whether it’s a Hologram design, Signature or Security Protection etc.

Card Design
Send us a rough design or layout of the card you require. You can provide us with the artwork on a disk or via e-mail direct. Or to make life easier send us your letterhead and we’ll scan it for you. Our team will do the rest for you.

Card Details
A List of employees and card details can be supplied by either e-mail or by CD/DVD disc.

Our team can take images from digital cameras or passport photos. However, make sure you write the employees name, position within the company and their personal ID Number on the reverse of the passport photos.


Auto Time Systems
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