About the company….

Glasgow Taxis Limited was formed in 1997 following the amalgamation of all of Glasgow’s City’s radio taxi dispatch companies. Our comprehensive range of services are delivered from our fleet of 735 taxis, the largest in the UK outside London, by our 712 drivers ably supported by an experienced team of 75 staff. We are Scotland’s largest taxi operator, serving more than 2 million passengers per year. We have invested heavily in digital technology including the introduction of the Kelio Time & Attendance management system to assist us in managing human resources.


Industry: Transport
Solution: Kelio Time and Attendance System

Why did you decide to get in touch with Auto Time Systems?

Glasgow Taxis Ltd has been a customer of Auto Time Systems for a number of years and has found the system and support technicians to be helpful, speedy and accurate in solving any minor problems we may have.

What benefits have you found with the system?

The system provides clear direction and support, storing time data securely for all staff members to providing supporting functions such as contact and training data.

How did you find the whole process with Auto Time Systems, from purchasing through to installation?

All elements of the process, from purchasing, through to installation and post-installation have been supported ably by Auto Time representatives. They know the system inside out and are able to provide advise and support whenever required. Any minor problems we have had have been resolved quickly and efficiently. Advise is readily supplied on the phones and we have built our confidence through their support to use more functions of the system than ever before.

HR Manager


Auto Time Systems
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