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Clocking in machines have proved beneficial to businesses nationwide. Workforces large and small administer an increase in productivity and company profit as penalising staff for poor time keeping becomes easier.

Want to regulate staff punctuality and attendances accurately and efficiently?

Auto Time Systems offer a range of Time and Attendance products adaptable to businesses of all capacities. For more information on our clocking in machine product range click here or contact a member of our friendly team direct on 0800 5677668 today.

The Importance of Clocking in Machines in UK Business

Over the years, business has evolved.

The ‘9-5’ shift patterns Ms Dolly Parton sung back in 1980 (yes, over 30 years ago!) are becoming somewhat evanescent as more and more businesses operate around the clock to stay afloat in our current economic climate.


As time moves forward, businesses adapt utilising 24 hour man-power to see a steady increase in profits as the UK’s economic climate gradually stabilises.

As these adaptations continue, many enterprises are moving into 21st century time recording systems, predominantly in the form of clocking in machines, to police working hours among employees.

Here in Britain, as business operation time increases, it’s becoming somewhat impossible to have 24 hour managerial bodies on site as legal maximum working hours simply won’t allow it.

Clocking in machines have proven to be a pivotal answer to 24 hour on site business management as they’re able to log employee arrival and departure times electronically saving businesses money in hiring people to complete such tasks.

The 21st Century: The Convenience Era

The world is striving and constantly adapting into the ‘convenience era’. From gourmet meals pinging ready in a matter of seconds thanks to the microwave to online banking systems where society doesn’t have to leave their bed to pay a bill-convenience is imperative in the modern era.

In support of convenience, Auto Time Systems ensure all products are convenient for our customers and fit for purpose. Adjacent to this, when investing in clocking in machines and time recording systems here at Auto Time Systems, we offer 24 hour support systems with our products to ensure you’re getting the most from our products, around the clock: convient.

The Clocking in Machine: The Benefits

Clocking in machines have adapted over many years and are becoming increasingly relied upon by businesses large and small as 24hour business operation and ‘flexitime’ becomes increasingly common.

In there infancy, clocking in machines we’re a basic time recording instrument where employees would punch a ‘clock card‘ (a heavy piece of paper) into the archaic clocking in machine. The machine would then stamp the card with the time. This process would be completed each time an employee arrives and departs from work.

Over the years, clocking in machines have adapted and become extremely sophisticated in-keeping with modern day businesses.

Sophisticated Time Management Systems

As time recording systems and clocking in machines are becoming increasingly popular among the UK business industry, they’re continuing to adapt to suit specific enterprise needs.

Here at Auto Time Systems, we have an extensive range of time recording systems and clocking in machines designed specifically, to suit a diverse range of company needs and budgets.

The more sophisticated clocking in machine technologies available on today’s market offer internet connections to save, collate and record employee punctuality. These sophisticated systems adapt to businesses virtually instantaneously as they lend themselves to both cloud hosted desktop software or servers: which ever way your business operates, your clocking in systems will always work hand in hand.

Many businesses rely heavily on clocking in machines as, among many benefits, businesses predominantly reap accurate time management, payroll and health and safety benefits these time and attendance systems offer to modern day businesses.

Workforce Management

Clocking in machines are renowned for offering on site workforce management.

Policing employee time-keeping can be a dull, laborious task for managerial bodies and frustrating for co-workers who’re committed to good time-keeping. Investing in clocking in machines allows businesses to collate employees time management records: all at the click of a button.

On the flip side, these time management systems often improve employee time-keeping as they’re fully aware they’re working against the clock and as a result, they know they’re unable to argue with digitally accurate recordings of their punctuality.

Clocking in machines offer workforce management in the absence of on site managerial bodies.

Why Choose Auto Time Systems?

Auto Times Systems is the leading manufacturer of time recording systems offering a range of products to enhance businesses of virtually setting. Adjacent to productivity, payroll and health and safety benefits; Auto Time Systems also offer additional complimentary support services which ensures your investment functions around the clock.

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