Suprema X Station 2 is a Time & Attendance System clocking in terminal which features a multi format proximity card readier with a QR scanner for clocking in with a smart phone.
Save costs today with our range of contactless smartphone clocking in terminals.

The Suprema X Station 2 is a Multi Proximity Card Time & Attendance Clocking In Terminal With a unique QR Code scanning feature to allow maximum scalability –

This allows companies to select their preferred type of proximity cards, fobs or allow staff to use their phone as a clocking in credential.

The new Suprema XStation 2  terminal has a QR codes reader to allow users to go cardless and use their smartphones as a clocking in / access credential.

Save costs on new cards / fobs as you don’t need to change any of your current clocking in or access control system card/fobs as these will work with the new Station 2 clocking in terminal.

The X station 2 can also incorporate a QR code reader to allow smartphone to download a credential to their mobile smart phone.

Supported Cards Credentials :

  • EM
  • Mifare Plus
  • Mifare
  • Desfire
  • iClass
  • Rfid

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