Wireless Indoor and Outdoor Bells


We are the U.K leading installer & suppler of Synchronised Wireless School Bells & Melody’s Systems.

Our range of  Wireless Indoor & Outdoor Bells/Sounders make the installation of a sound signal easy to add to any type of  work area whether indoor or outdoor where a signal is needed to highlight the start of day, end of day or breaks etc. when combined with one of our master clock systems.

The Wireless Bells System can be the perfect Class Change System for ringing of your school bells.

Using a wireless system has many advantages such as:

  • That it is easy to make a change or addition to your bell ringing schedule from the comfort of your desk computer.
  • Different Melodies can be scheduled to sound at different time around your school.
  • Each Sounder has its own volume control.
  • System is scalable so it can grow should your school grow as additional melodies can be added to different buildings.
  • Wireless Wall clocks can be added to the system with no additional charge to any new hardware, so you can have a synchronised bell and clock system.
  • It can be used as a information system so at the touch of a button you can get an voice over, E.G. to tell pupils that the school bus will park at the side gate this evening.
  • It doesn’t need any cabling to work only power to each melody you require.


The Indoor & Outdoor Sounder has loudspeaker with adjustable volume up to a maximum of 90dB.

Indoor Sounder has an IP Rating IP30; Outdoor Sounder has a IP Rating IP41.

Don’t forget you can also synchronise all your computers server time throughout your company’s network with our range of Sirrom master clocks.

Questions & Answers:

Q: I have already got bell’s that sound and chime?

A: We can control & synchronise them

Q: I have just installed a PA (Public Address) system?

A: We can integrate our bell system with it

Q: Can the Melody’s sound be adjusted?

A: Yes the loudspeaker with adjustable volume has a sound level 90dB, IP Rating IP30 (indoor) or IP41 (outdoor).

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