Auto Time Systems are back to business as normal
for support, maintenance and system help and sales and queries.

We have just launched our new computerised home worker software which allows users to request home working dates.

Our mobile software then allows your employees to clock in and out from home or remotely, but the most important thing that all the time and attendance hours from office and home working will be collated together to ensure the correct payments of hours worked and overtime or flexi time balances are correct (and you can geo-locate them if you need to know where the clocking took place.)

Also In the event of your fire alarm sounding our time and attendance systems automatically create an email fire roll call list of who’s in i.e staff & visitors.

But all the home workers are excluded from the fire roll call printout / fire evacuation to improve & simplify the module count

We also have a new contactless Biometric face recognition terminal which are completely contactless, which measure your employees temperatures as they arrive to clock in and if they have a high temperature then the clocking in is rejected by the terminal and clocking screen display turns red to advice.

Reduce Costs & Make A Safer Workplace –  Our face recognition with skin temperature detection terminals reduce your staff administration costs as you don’t need to additional staff to take and manage everyone’s temperature as they arrive at work.

Biometric Face & Temperature Case Study


“Glasgow Taxis Limited has been proudly serving the City of Glasgow for over 60 years in our distinctive and iconic ‘Hackney’ cabs, as the only transport provider operating 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year.  Our comprehensive range of services are delivered from our fleet of 735 taxis, the largest in the UK outside London, by our 712 drivers ably supported by a vastly experienced team of 75 staff and servicing more than 2 million customers a year.

Our company uses the latest technology, from dispatch system, fleet telecommunications, credit card terminals, and internally, electronic time management for wages calculations and forward planning for staffing.


We have engaged for many years with Auto time Systems Ltd to ensure the very latest in time management technology is available. With the advent of COVID19 in 2020 we also considered an extension to building security and staff safety while employees are on site. Over the years the time management system has proved invaluable for monitoring staff clocking’s, statistical reports and forward planning. In November 2020 we installed the latest system incorporating facial recognition and temperature control as part of our COVID19 risk assessment for the building. Immediate benefits were clear


  1. Personnel ‘clock in’ without having to make physical contact with surfaces thus reducing the possibility of cross-contamination.
  2. Temperature controls are linked to security doors to ensure that any member of staff showing signs of high temperature cannot enter the building.

The system is easy to use, efficient and support from Autotime Systems Ltd is quick and professional. On behalf of Glasgow Taxis Ltd I would recommend the system to anyone considering such a move.”


HR Manager


Auto Time Systems
Appley Bridge, Wigan WN6 9DB, UK