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timeandattendanceAuto Time Systems offer a range of Time and Attendance Systems to suit businesses of all capacities. Designed specifically to enhance business operation by logging accurate time, attendances and payroll; we serve a wealth of customers nationwide, reliable, efficient time and attendance systems.


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What can Time and Attendance Systems do for you?

Biometric time and attendance systems offer an extensive range of extensive benefits to workplaces who invest.


As the world continues to transcend into the digital era and a protection against resources is becoming ever more important: dated, manual time sheets have become a distant thing of the past.


Biometric time and attendance systems create ease of use across the board. Here’s how:

Increased productivity

Accurate, automatically logged recordings which link directly to payroll systems are one of the infinite benefits of biometric time recording systems.

Two of the main benefits of this?

  1. Save HR or administrative bodies time in manually calculating payroll
  2. Paying staff for the time they spend in the workplace therefore saving wage costs for poor time keeping.


Access control systems record employee time keeping with precision allowing employers the opportunity to gain a wider understanding of individual staff timekeeping.

This means, staff members who’re often late or off work can be confronted with concrete evidence thus allowing managerial bodies to discipline under achieving staff accordingly.


Every business person’s favourite phrase.

Did you know: sophisticated biometric clocking in systems allow you to keep a closer eye on employee performances?

Administering times spent on particular tasks also allow you to work out how profitable that particular task was for your business therefore pioneering potential growth and developments.

Less pressure on human resources

Manually logged time keeping causes more work in calculating, filling and storing time-keeping data.

Biometric time and attendance systems and clocking in systems allow convenient data storage whilst automatic data collection and payroll calculation allowing employees to work on other tasks more efficiently: thus aiding productivity.

Empowering employees

Engaged employees are enthusiastic employees offering infinite optimism in the workplace.

Engaged employees are more on task, contributing ideas, thinking outside the box , rarely absent, have an active willingness to stay within the organisation for a longer amount of time and hold the company in high-esteem.

Increase in compliance

Data is integral in business with HMRC hot on the money. Ensuring accurately logged data is stored efficiently allows businesses to access information as and when it’s required. So if you need to access, quickly, information regarding employee attendances, you’re able to offer the strongest most accurate data possible.

The bottom line

Biometric time and attendance systems and clocking in machines work great in enhancing workplaces across a breadth of industries.

Place your business in good stead now and invest in a system renowned for paying for itself while enhancing your company successes.

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