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Installation of Time & Attendance Software and Terminals


We have recently installed Kelio software and six touchscreen terminals to replace manual timekeeping via timesheets for our cleaning and support staff. We invited three companies to demonstrate their systems. AutoTime Systems – demonstrating Bodet’s Kelio system – particularly impressed us with the flexibility, ease of use and configurability of their product. Even at this quotation stage, Simon Kelley from Auto Time Systems was willing to travel to us on a number of occasions to show the package to staff who worked different shifts or who were away during the summer holidays.

From placing the order to installation took about four weeks; we were kept informed of the order progress throughout this time and also introduced to Richard and Steve, the technical experts who would deal with our installation. We are hosting the package ourselves and the technical information from AutoTime gave clear specifications for the database and application servers.

Installation and initial training was carried out by Richard. He worked tidily and efficiently, leaving us with neat, professional installations. The three days of training (including our initial configuration) were intense but delivered knowledgeably and with good humour! We were left with a system virtually ready to use, with just a few queries that were quickly sorted by phone over the next few days.

We did a staged implementation so we could iron out configuration issues as they appeared – these were mainly to do with our complex and numerous working patterns not always being assigned correctly by us and were straightforward to resolve.

Technical support from Auto Time Systems has been exemplary. The phone is always answered promptly by knowledgeable staff and support queries resolved quickly and efficiently, usually by screen sharing with a technician. The last query I had was responded to and resolved within an hour, which was impressive as it was not an obvious issue.

It is now two full months since we implemented fully and we remain delighted with the package. The supervisors are finding the system straightforward to use and the senior managers are very pleased with the quality and clarity of the reports. There have been no complaints either from general users and timekeeping has noticeably improved.

We are not linking the system to payroll or any other package, so I cannot comment on this aspect.

Like any system, Kelio has its foibles, but these have been few and far between, and none so important that they affect its operation. Its configuration options and flexibility means that setup can be complex and I would recommend that plenty of time is set aside for getting it running following installation, especially if you have a large number of working patterns to enter. A certain amount of technical knowledge is useful, as is being comfortable and competent in configuring similar systems.

In summary, we are very pleased with our choice to purchase Kelio. The product itself works very well and the support from Auto Time Systems has been excellent.
I highly recommend Kelio and Auto Time Systems.

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May 16, 2017