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IT Manager at Rodo in Manchester said, “For a great deal of time we have been looking for a system to replace our old swipe card system. The majority of companies we looked too for help just didn’t meet our needs, or we weren’t confident they would be around to provide support for a product which could last a good 20 years! Finally, we discovered Auto Time Systems through a google search, it appeared likely that such a company is the partner we had been looking for – This became obvious after reviewing our requirements,

Auto Time listened and noted our requirements carefully and came back to us with a personalised Rodo clocking system.
Over the past year accurate and detailed clocking is allowing us to manage our staff over multiple warehouse sites with ease. We now know when our staff start work, which site they are currently located, when they are at lunch and when they left for the day. One of the most important benefits to us as a company is that the system ties into our fire alarm system, meaning that in an emergency we have an accurate list of who is on site. We also use the software to Plan shift patterns and even assist in Payroll. Oh, and no lost Swipe cards as we chose the Biometric Fingerprint device. The software is ideal and does everything we need. Moreover, the product is supported and maintained by a great bunch of engineers which cannot do enough to help.

Thanks from all the Managers at Rodo Limited, you have made our lives a hell of a lot easier!”


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May 16, 2017