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We own a large number of high-class Hotels, Restaurants and Bars right in the heart of Manchester and across the North West. We employ CIRCA 500 staff and now have traded for 12 years.

We had a range of traditional clocking in machines and clocking in methods across all of our sites.
Over time as the company grew and we opened new sites, we found it more difficult to manage our staff shifts, and monetary staff shift budgets, plus the fact was that we had to calculate everything by hand and issue new clock cards every week to everyone which was also very time consuming then manage shifts thorough our excel system.
Because of our range of shifts also we needed a foolproof system so there were no excuses for an employee not being able to clock in, no clock card or forgotten key fob etc.

Our Requirement

We approached a local North West based company called Auto Time Systems, they listened to our requirements….They put forward a proposal for a solution which included a web-based piece of software which allowed us to book our shift into, for of our sites, this part of the system that gives us better budgetary planning instantly on how much we are spending on shifts overtime etc. for the week, and once the shifts have finished how much we actually spent. It’s valuable to have managers authorising any changes to planned shifts. We are also able to plan around holidays and absences etc. making the management of our staff better, as the staff always know when they are working as they have the shift emailed to them by the system.

Our Solution
Each of our staff now clock-in using a finger scanner so we know who’s in and who’s been working at which site and on which days, the reporting from the system streamlines our payroll process. It is also a key area when we are doing roll calls for fire/contingency tests.
The rotas are planned in the system so we can track adherence to the planned schedule and only managers can authorise any changes to this.

The implementation of our new system was seamless as our staff lists we imported from day one, followed by the installation of each clocking station then each site administrator was trained as the system was rolled out to all of our sites. Auto time has been supportive throughout and helped with training to get all staff up to speed.
We would definitely recommend the Auto Time System to you if you are looking for a time and workforce management system.

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May 24, 2016