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Contact Transport is a dynamic market leading provider of One Stop Transport solutions across the UK and Europe. With over 30 years’ experience we offer unrivalled levels of service at truly competitive prices. I made an enquiry to Auto Time Systems and explained that I had a need to capture remote drivers clocking’s at various transport depot throughout UK and Europe, I made It quite clear that I could not have a system that used a key fob or card as the drivers would forget or loose these! I also wanted to make sure that for health and safety we knew who’s on site and at which site. Auto Time Systems solution was a biometric time and attendance system comprising of intelligent biometric finger and hand recognition terminals located at each depot throughout the country that each had a GPRS mobile connection back to my head office.   The software was simple to use and I had bespoke scripts written to calculate exact staff bonuses which then linked through to my Sage payroll system, so my office staff don’t waist valuable time inputting hours of work and the frustration of employee bonus calculation.

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Clive Palmer

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May 24, 2016