Auto Time Systems can help if you are looking for reliable clocking in machines to manage your staffs time and attendance. We provide systems for time recording to local businesses in Wigan. Our company is based in Appley Bridge, Wigan, Lancashire and have over 39 years of experience in the supply of the very best clocking systems, access control and wireless clock systems, biometric time and attendance, clocking in machines and equipment for time recording in Wigan and throughout the United Kingdom.

At Auto Time Systems, we have a vast array of clocking in systems and clocking in machines for time recording in Wigan to meet your business’s individual needs. We supply companies both big and small with just the equipment they need for time recording in Wigan to ensure they run as smoothly and effectively as possible.

The web-based Bodet Kelio time and attendance system is a fantastic way to help your business run as efficiently as possible. The Bodet Kelio system can help save you valuable time with administration and can be used to their full potential suitable for any company employing from 1 to 10,000 people.

For those who are constantly moving from place to place as part of their jobs, we also provide telephone clocking in machines and mobile LTE 4G clocking in solutions which enable your staff to clock in and out with ease and ensure that you know where they are and that they’re safe wherever they are. As well as dramatically improving your company’s health and safety credentials, mobile is also very cost-effective.

So whatever you need, we hope that you’ll consider Auto Time Systems first. You can easily get in touch with us locally to discuss your wishes to purchase any of our specialist clocking in machines or time recording systems in Wigan. We serve the whole of the UK but if you’re looking specifically for time recording in Wigan, use the quick enquiry form to the right of the page and get in touch with us today.

You will not be disappointed with our range of clocking in machines to tailor made to meet your budget and requirements. Call us on 01257 252002.