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Here at Auto Time Systems, we have established ourselves as leaders in the field of our industry. When it comes to the supply, delivery and installation of dependable clocking in machines that are competitively priced, we’re the number one choice in Warrington and the surrounding areas of the UK.

Are you operating a business in Warrington? Whatever size your company is, we have a wide range of time recording systems that are certain to suit the needs of any business. We have a great range of time recording products for you to browse.

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The variety of products we currently supply range from simple clocking in machines to advanced time keeping systems, it all depends on what you need from our products. We can be sure that we’ll have a solution for you.

We have a detailed overview of our machines below, feel free to use this to gage what products would be best suited for you. However, if you do require more information, please don’t hesitate in talking to our experts on our free-phone telephone number: 01257 252002

Simple Time Recording Products

Productivity is a vital factor of any business, it’s imperative that employees arrive at work on time and leave when they have completed the hours for which they have been contracted to work. The variety of simple time recording systems that we currently have in stock are perfect for businesses who only need a basic reading of employee working hours. Despite being referred to as simple, these products incorporate some great features that ensure the work day of your team runs smoothly and is timed right down to the second.

Seiko TP-20 – has been updated the model reference from Seiko is TP6

A great example is the Seiko TP-20 Time & Date stamp has been one of the best time and date stamps on the market and now has been updated and now is called the Seiko TP6. One of our cheapest options in the simple time recording range, this product offers an ideal time recording solution for any small business. Renowned for its reliability, the Seiko Z120 / ATS Z120 is even able to retain data during a power failure. This ideal system is designed for both wall and table mounting, so it can be easily placed wherever you need it.

Seiko Z120

Another ideal machine for small to medium businesses is the ATS Z120. This model comes with an integrated bell system which can be used to signal important times throughout the day. This clocking in system is a perfect solution for companies who’re looking for ways to regulate employee break times, time keeping and attendance.

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Advanced Clocking in Systems

Here at Auto Time Systems, we stock time recorders and clocking in machines which are fully equipped to support the needs of any business in Warrington. Usually, companies that are medium to large in size invest in our advanced clocking in machines because they’re much more efficient in monitoring time keeping of larger workforces.

Advanced clocking in systems come with a range of adaptable features including integrated payroll software allowing companies to streamline payroll ensuring all payments processed are accurate. Advanced clocking in systems also allow staff members to work remotely with efficient cloud hosting features allowing you to access the database from multiple locations.

Web based Time Recording

At Auto Time Systems, we supply web-based Kelio & Bodet time and attendance equipment. These products are suitable for any organisations with up to a staggering 10,000 employees! This equipment can really benefit your business and help it to run like clockwork as it helps to save precious time for administration.

Biometric Technology

Amongst the specialist devices used for time recording in Warrington, Auto Time Systems also supply superior user-friendly biometric time and attendance software. This type of software recognises personal physical traits such as hand geometry and fingerprint, iris and vein recognition technology. This means that employers no longer have to worry about the welfare of their staff, as only recognised traits will gain admittance to the building!

Flexi Time and Offsite Workers

As well as providing stationary equipment for the purposes of time recording in Warrington, Auto Time Systems also provides superb telephone and GPRS clocking in solutions that perfectly suit workers whose jobs require them to travel around.

These solutions give managers the power to check that travelling workers are both safe and are on course to completing all the tasks they need to complete throughout the day.

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