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Here at Auto Time Systems we understand that clocking in machines in Wakefield are becoming a must for Wakefield companies nowadays. If you are a Small business in the Wakefield area want to ensure that the staff you are employing are working their contracted hours and nothing less then talk to us about our range of systems that will help you manage your companies employees time & attendance efficiently. Our systems help you manage your companies hours worked, calculate over time and mange flexible and hybrid onsite and home working with in your workplace. Productivity has to remain high for a companies based in Wakefield to remain successful.
Therefore, staff working their contracted hours will increase productivity to a maximum within your organisation if managed correctly. Our range of  clocking in machines and time and attendance  systems that we have on offer to Wakefield and Yorkshire based businesses, help you manage productivity, hours worked overtime and lateness. Which could be an essential part when assessing your employees KPI (key performance indicator) to improve and sustain company productivity and growth.
We offer a range clocking in machines to Wakefield businesses that have a variety of features which will suit different sectors such as hospitality, manufacturing, transport & logistics, care homes, call centres, retail, construction, public services and local government.

If you are a business in Wakefield, whether your a small office, a warehouse or factory or school, that is looking to purchase clocking in and out machines or a clocking in machine that can also be used for time and date stamping or job costing the Seiko Tp-6 would be a good starting point.  Which comes from the world leading clocking in & time and date stamp manufacturer Seiko Precision.

We also specialise in computerised on-premise and cloud based and hosted time and attendance systems to monitor your staff’s time and attendance.
Interested why not give Auto time Systems a call today on 01257 252002. Take a look at our vast range of the best clocking in systems on the market to suit every budget!

We offer a national service for installation, support and sales why not call us today to discuss your clocking in machine system requirements?

We specialist in high quality clocking in machines and computerised clocking in multifunctional terminals, which allow your employees to clock in either using contactless biometrics with our facial recognition terminals or they could clock in using a Keyfob / card  or smart phone.

Our range of clocking in machines include : 

Biometric Facial Recognition Thermal Skin Temperature Cameras

Enhance safety within your workplace with our new skin temperature detection camera and biometric face recognition access control system from Suprema – The world leading biometric clocking in and access control hardware supplier.

The NEW F2 Face Recognition terminal from suprema, gives you high end face recognition which can be used externally and internally. which is perfect to control staff coming into work as this can open a door / turnstile and allow them to clock in.

Biometric Clocking In Machines

Free quotes on all of our biometric clocking in machines which use state of the art biometric technology. Call us at Autotime Systems today on 01257 252002.

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Clocking In Machines

Many of the clocking in machines at Autotime Systems come complete with FREE clock cards, ribbons, racks and postage, helping you to a saving of over £72.
Learn More. Why not take a look at our range of time recorders that can be used for job costing and clocking in, we are the Uk’s leading Seiko high quality clocking in machine supplier. For more information on our Seiko Clocking In machines range click here .

Or for clocking in machines help or PDF time recorder manuals or help on clocking in ribbons or time recorder clocking cards call our sales team or click here

QR Code & Multi format RFID Clocking in terminals 

The Suprema X Station 2 is the new smartphone qr code reader terminal with features PoE connectivity and can utilise most company RFID cards.
For more information on the X Station 2 by the world leading clocking in machine technology supplier Suprema click here

Mobile Clocking In and Remote Worker Clocking In Systems

If you have a remote workforce and would like to track what time your workforce are arriving at site, our range of solutions will allow you to track:

  • What time your employees are clocking in on site.
  • What jobs/ activities they are doing through out the day.
  • You can also see where they have been through maps.
  • Clocking in reporting and late clocking management.

Extreme Weather Clocking In Machines

Take a look at our New Kelio Xtrem weather clocking terminal – which can literally be installed anywhere.
The Xtrem clocking in terminals can be link directly our Kelio software and can with stand extreme weather conditions heat, rain, dust and cold.
The Xtrem terminal can be stand alone then simply download your data to our web based kelio software when you are next in the office via USB or can also be used with our 4g mobile pack. Take this anywhere – we can also supply portable terminal units or mounting boards so the setup is just plug and play… Simple manage your remote employees with our Xtreme clocking in terminal for more information call us today.

Virtual Clocking In Systems

Employees can clock in through their mobile phone or a tablet of your choice or PC when they arrive at work.
Also we can ensure they are clocking in on site though our geo-fencing solutions.

We can link our clocking systems to your Payroll package i.e Sage, Pegasus, Iris Earnie, SAP and many  more…

Save valuable administration time through integrating your clocking in system to payroll, for more information click here

Clocking in Systems with Automatic Fire Roll Call System built in.

Enrich H&S with in your organisation with our range of clocking in software and clocking terminal solutions that automatically send out a fire roll call printout or email in the event of your fire alarm being activated for click here for more info.

We also have an Fire Evacuation Module for smart phones which can also be used to see who’s clocked in / booked in on the clocking in terminal for emergency roll call / health and safety purposes.

For a FREE Demo on any of our clocking in systems, please call us if you would like our local technician to call in.

Our technicians are cover Wakefield, Leeds, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Bradford, Keighley and surrounding Yorkshire areas.
We also offer full support packages to cover new and existing clocking in machines, why not call us for more information on our clocking in machines service level agreements plans.

Control Your Business Security With Our Range Of Access Control Systems

We have over 30 years’ experience and are proud to be a Paxton Access UK integrator and Gold Paxton Net2 access control installer.

Secure your company with our range of door access control systems, intercoms or wireless door handles.
Why not secure you perimeter access with our range of automatic gates, barriers, turnstiles and bollards with perimeter fencing to complement. These can all be controlled via automatic number recognition (ANPR)  and CCTV along with our range of long distance proximity and biometric access readers.

Also when your visitors arrive why not manage them safely and log them in with our range of log-in visitor management systems.

Call us today for a FREE competitive access control quotation or engineer site survey.

Paxton Net2 Clocking In Systems – We specialise in time recording software that integrates directly with your Paxton net2 system for management of  shift work, overtime and links to SAGE payroll and many other payroll solutions. Call us for a free demo for more info click here.

For more information on any of our solutions or to arrange an on-site with one of our consultants to discuss your access control requirements in more detail, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01257 252002 England / 01506 896 806 Scotland or use the contact form below.

Auto Time Systems Provides UK Full Support on all of our Clocking In Systems & Time & Attendance Solutions.

UK Authorised Seiko Clocking In Machine distributor

What Are Clocking In Machines Why Do Businesses Use Clocking In Machines ?

By using a clocking in Machine is a way of recording employees start and finish times. Clocking in machines are suitable for any business employing people. Throughout the years clocking in machines have been used in manufacturing sites were companies paid employees for the hours that that worked. This method has been implemented to anyone that employee’s people whether they are hourly paid or salaried. An employee has a timecard which is made from a thick piece of card and contains the employees name and works or payroll number. When the individual inserts this into the clocking in machine it stamps a day or date along with a time. The card has 7 columns for each day of the week and also has several other columns that allows the flexibility for users to clock in and clock out during both break and lunch times. Once the individual has inserted the timecard this is then put back into the card rack or holder until its used again. 

The clocking in machine allows great flexibility and allows different start and finish times to be worked. At the end of the week the timecards are removed from the card racks then replaced with blank cards for the following week. The time clerk or manager can then look through the cards to see if there are any cards with the time and day printed in red which highlights the lateness problem. Once the hours are added up daily this then is added to the weekly total allowing the management to make payment for the hours worked. Any late arrivals or anomalies are deducted from the employee’s weekly pay. 

The benefit for a clocking in machine is that it resolves any issues businesses have with individuals arriving late and it is seen as a fair system and individuals also like this approach as they can then see on the time card how many hours they will be paid for at the end of the week. Some companies also use a timecard that has 31 columns to enable monthly times to be printed. This is a setting that can be made to the clocking in machine to enable weekly or monthly timecards to be used. 

Clocking in machines can be used in hotels – leisure facilities – offices and any company that wants to have traceability of employees clocking in and clocking out times. 

Thousands of clocking in machines have been sold and they are seen as a necessary business tool for all companies to process employees payroll.

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