Over the past 15 years, it seems we’ve each evolved and adapted into a world of convenience. Broadband’s swifter than swift, microwaved meals are quicker than quick and instant messaging trumps a good old fashioned letter… Why? Because, well, its quick.

With this in mind, work place procrastination and poor time-keeping seems to be the same: slow- developing some might say. Well, that’s when these things are manually logged.

As technology develops, clocking in machines and time recording equipment are becoming more advanced and seem to be growingly popular across businesses large and small.

How could time recording systems and clocking in machines improve my businesses?

Image courtesy of The Sales Lion.

Clocking in machines and time recording systems are advanced ways of managing staff time-keeping and attendance: minus the headache.

We all have or know those staff members who come with a tombola of excuses as to why they’re time-keeping is constantly poor. In the business world, time really is money.

Think about it.

Lets say you have a member of staff who’s contracted to 40 hours a week over 5 days. Let’s say this staff members 15minutes late everyday. If you do the maths: you’re over paying that staff member by 1 hour 15 minutes a week…

Now, in hindsight: that might not sound particularly bank breaking but if you times this by 4, you’re over paying that one member of staff by 5 hours a month or 60 hours a year.
Now calculate that with your staff members hourly rates and prepare for a shock.

The more shocking thought here is that we’ve calculated one staff members bad habits. Take a moment to calculate the lost time of all your serial-offenders: it’s highly likely you’d be able to hire another few staff members on the wasted money your spending on current incompetent staff.

Clocking in Machines: A good investment all round

Businesses are becoming more aware of these issues and investing in quality time recording technologies to tackle issues such as this. There’s a range of products suited to a range of budgets available. These products really are adaptable to a range of workplaces allowing everyone to reap the benefits.

Companies nationwide are reaping the momentous benefits of time recording systems and clocking in systems. From Aberdeenshire councils to Doncaster construction companies to large logistics companies all over the Yorkshire Dales are among those who’re really lapping the benefits of time recording systems and clocking in machines.

Companies who’ve invested are said to have seen benefits including: increased attendance, happier staff, better time keeping, less payroll mistakes, employee presence information accurately logged for fire safety, reductions in staff turnover and better awareness and control of their businesses.

Not only has it been logged that these products save companies money in staff wages, they’re also a useful system for security values, health and safety and improved time-keeping and attendance in UK businesses.

A good investment all-round it seems.