Clocking in Machines: Yorkshire

Poor time-keeping, falsified time-sheets and staff attendance are real issues in many UK businesses costing companies thousands over a yearly spectrum.

Confronting issues such as this can be a laborious and repetitive exercises for Managers and Managing Directors and it’s unsurprising to find that many feel like they’re fighting a long loosing battle.

Though time recording systems and clocking in machines are becoming growingly popular, smaller workforces often overlook the benefits of time recording systems and clocking in machines. Here at Auto Time Systems, our extensive product range is adaptable to different budgets and workforce sizes to ensure every customer we serve are receiving a product which benefits their enterprise: no matter how large or small they may be.

Halifax, Yorkshire, Auto Time Systems

Expect Distribution of Halifax, Yorkshire are among the many businesses to turn to time recording and  clocking in machines to automatically manage staff attendance and punctuality.

Clocking in machines offer a range of benefits: below are 5 core reasons why time recording systems and clocking in machines will prove beneficial for your business:

1. Accurate time management information

Managers and managing directors combined will agree that we all have those staff members who have an answer for everything; especially those who’re constantly practising poor time management: you know the one.

Investing in time recording and clocking in machine systems have proven to motivate staff to be more aware of time-keeping and attendance; simply because there clock-in times are accurately recorded and staff members are evidently more concious of this.

Those who maintain poor time management?

Well, it’s reflected in their pay packet: If they’re not in, you don’t pay them for missed time. This saves you money and avoids constant laborious time keeping chats- simple.

2. Health and Safety benefits

Another workplace common is those none-sign-in-ers. You know those who constantly ‘forget’ to sign in?

Well they’re breaking important health and safety procedures which could cost you thousands. In the event of a fire, your company is liable for the health and safety of all its staff members. If they’ve failed to sign in and end up injured due to issues beyond their control- you could be liable.

Clocking in systems are a great way to tackle this. Staff members know that when they clock in your time recording system automatically records hours worked therefore accurately calculating payroll.

Now, do you think they’ll often ‘forget’ to clock in if they’re getting paid to do so?

Probably not.

3. HR and Administration work made easier

Clocking in systems and time recording systems are great for Human Resources and Administration teams. Going through various time-sheets or sign-in sheets can be very time consuming. Having this information automatically logged means it slashes workloads massively generating more time for these team members to complete various other important tasks in your workplace.

In essence: your investing in equipment which aids in creating a more productive workforce while highlighting staff incompetence.

Win win!

4. Improved security

Advanced time recording and clocking in systems are able to measure human features which are unique to each individual person. These Biometric Systems are accurately able to read finger prints and hand shapes.

This is a great way of creating and improving workplace security as it eliminates unauthorised persons to access your building. This installs that confidence in staff, customers and management combined, that the environment they’re in is constantly safe and secure.

Biometric time recording systems also ensure staff members don’t clock each other in and out. This is also an issue in many workplaces which, again, could cost you and your business thousands in unearned wages.

5. Cost efficiency

In business, time is money.

Clocking in machines and time recording systems are accurate in calculating working hours: ensuring staff aren’t being over or underpaid while simultaneously guaranteeing time-sheets aren’t being falsified. This has proven to save many businesses thousands of pounds per year.

This system also allows business to get more for their money.

Save time and avoid distractions while signing in: clocking in machines are much faster to use, log information instantaneously and accurately.

Adjacent to this, clocking in machines also save Administration and HR employees time in sifting through mounds of paperwork, manually counting employee working hours. With the use of clocking in machines, employees are simply able to access the database, load information and proceed with payroll procedures efficiently.

Having saved time in payroll, these staff are then able to proceed with other tasks creating a much more productive workforce.

It really does pay for itself.

Do you need help and support in managing time and attendance? Have an office in Yorkshire? Contact our friendly sales team at Auto Time Systems today and let us help you.

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