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Developing the future of your business: Clocking in Machines

Clocking in machines are proving pivotal to the development of businesses of all capacities in the United Kingdom as more and more are reaping the benefits.

Good time management has proven to impact businesses development activity following the recession as we work hard in overcoming hardships in order to blossom and pioneer success in the workplace. Time management systems are seemingly the most practical, productive, innovative tactic in motivating employees to manage time accordingly subsequently demonstrating good work ethic and increased productivity.

What are Clocking in Machines?

Clocking in machines are the latest advancement in time management technologies.

Monitoring staff attendance and staff punctuality; clocking in machines have seen many UK businesses develop in terms of enhanced staff productivity, better time management, saving money in lost time, aiding in simplified payroll procedures and fulfilling health and safety regulations effortlessly.

Time recording systems: the range…

Auto Time Systems offer a range of different time management systems benefiting a range of budgets and business settings.

Offering diverse time management solutions, Auto Time Systems product range varies between more simple time management systems through to more advanced systems: each dedicated to eliminating all staff time-keeping issues and saving you money in your business establishment.

Clocking in Machines

Your generic clocking in machine works in recording staff arrival and departure times from your workplace.

How it works…

Each staff member receives their own personal clock in card which they simply swipe into the clocking in machine upon arrival and departure from work.

This system works great in eliminating time sheet falsification issues while encouraging employees to be more aware of punctuality; the after effects of which sees enhanced productivity and motivation among work peers while encouraging team work and highlighting those, in your work place, who’re demonstrating a constant poor work ethic.

Swipe Systems

Swipe systems are slightly more advanced time recording technologies where employees receive a bespoke electronically activated swipe card used to swipe in and out upon arrival and departure from work.

The main benefit?

Swipe systems are popular clocking in systems with their loaded software which work in conjunction with enterprise payroll systems. The advanced software states the time in which employees are arriving and leaving for work, electronically logging this and linking this to payroll computing systems.

Biometric Systems

Biometric time recording systems are the most advanced level of time management maintenance to date. The most accurate, reliable system on the market; biometric time recording systems are used in schools, hospitals, police stations as well as some of the more prestigious companies across Britain as they eliminate time recording falsification among employees.

How biometric time recording systems work?

Biometric time recording systems work in finger recognition, hand geometry, vein recognition and/or face recognition which means this advanced technology disallows employees to clock each other in and out of work: creating the most accurate recorded time readings possible.

This system also eliminates issues surrounding lost cards, faulty cards and, most importantly, saves enterprises money in payroll costs. These systems are renowned for paying for themselves!

Kelio Systems

Kelio time and attendance systems use Bodet Prima & Integral time and attendance software to monitor, transmit and record employee punctuality, attendance and payroll.

This particular system is designed to suit smaller- medium sized enterprises housing around 50- 100 employees (though the systems can accommodate up to 10,000 employee’s information). Kelio systems adapt to any I.T system your company uses- whether you use servers or cloud based servers, this innovative technology brings clocking in machines to a whole new level.

What’s more?

Auto Time Systems offer remote or on site technical support for all customers which ensures your systems are always up, running and performing at the best of their abilities in a way which constantly enhances your companies productivity.

The main benefits of Kelio systems, shared by are customers:

“Kelio Systems can grow as your business grows”

“Our time recording system supports good time management across our board of staff”

“The clocking in system we use assists our HR department hugely”

“We’ve seen our clocking in systems maximise our staffs potential, allowing us to develop those staff who’re showing the best working attitudes”

“Our time recording system has minimised unnecessary wage expenditure allowing us to grow steadily in the time we’ve invested.”

Here at Auto Time Systems, we’ve developed business to business relations of longevity and receive enquires as a result of recommendations from existing customers.

What this tells us?

Our products, our customer service and our reliability is recognised and appreciated, so much so, our customers spread the word!

For more information on our full product range here at Auto Time Systems, contact our friendly team for impartial information, advice and guidance around our extensive range of business enhancing products.

Auto Time Systems: helping you get the most from your employees.

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