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Sirrom Time and Attendance Solution

If you’re looking for a simple clocking in solution that’s able to grow with your business then the Sirrom Lite could be the right choice for you.

Sirrom comes with a choice of clocking in terminal formats which are either card / fob operated or biometric operated.

The Sirrom system has a proven track over the past 15 years and has been constantly improved every year to meet the changes of the modern world to help companies efficiently manage staff time and attendance,  reduce lateness and streamline the payroll process.

This advanced system is able to generate reports which include hours worked & overtime, lateness, absences and holiday chart reports. ( Each report can easily be configured to meet your reporting needs ).

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About Sirrom Software

Features Pro Active Software to save you valuable time on administration with system alerts to users on activities such as forgotten clock in’s, employee lateness, renewable qualifications, training appraisals etc. The system automatically alerts a user/s of these via our unique time & attendance agenda screen where these can be dealt with accordingly and promptly.  Alternatively if you prefer an agenda email notification this can be done automatically and sent to your inbox so the appropriate action can be taken. You only need to log into the system software should something need to be dealt with. Once all your forgotten clocking’s / anomilies have been dealt with, at the click of a button. Your hours worked & overtime data will be transferred by our dynamic link straight into your payroll system.



 Sirrom Time & Attendance 60 Second Overview

Features with in Sirrom Lite & Sirrom 2016

Features Sirrom 2016 Sirrom Lite
Employee lateness and early departures.



Easy Management of flexi time working.



Alerts system administrators of any employee qualification expiry dates such as First Aid, HGV etc (automatic emails can also be set-up).



Important alerts can be easily setup such as return to work interview needed after a persons be absence for a pre-defined period, CSCS card expiry etc.



Powerful HR System this also integrates with your Sage payroll and your Paxton system ( We also offer payroll links to Earnie, Iris, Pegusus etc ) .



Import driving licences, visa training certificates etc pictures directly into system for easy viewing.



Working Time Directive Management (Alerts you should a person infringe the European Working Time Directive Rules).



Bradford factor Management.



Choice of Proximity Paxton, HID, Stid Reader & Biometric Terminals



ESS Sirrom touch screen terminals can be used to make an absence request to their managers, Sirrom users (managers)  would then be alerted of these requests.


Reports can be set up to be automatically emailed to recipients.


Employees Self Service Module (the ESS module allows employees to make absence requests via a internet explorer ESS web portal / when they log into the Sirrom software.


The ESS also allows Employees can also check via the web portal weekly period clocking’s and totals etc.


Features a reporting suite for time management, absences and HR management.



Features data Exporting  to Microsoft Excel.



We offer also bespoke reporting & scripting facility for bespoke applications.



Sirrom Job Costing module – this module allows employees to book to job numbers created within the software via a barcode scanner/.Reports can then be ran on the total time / cost spent on working on a job or activity.


Why choose Sirrom?

Sirrom allows you to manage employee’s absences and holidays by providing you with the vital information such as holiday entitlements, holidays taken, booked and remaining. The software can also show statistical information on people that are off within a specified time. Sirrom can also be used for absence calculation of casual and temporary workers.

Human Resource Module

The Sirrom Human Resource module features all you ever need to keep track on your employee company wellbeing. Our system allows you to create a database of easy reference employee data on essential information such as, contact and personnel information, details on training, qualification, appraisal, disciplinary, CRB check, back to work interviews, Bradford Factor etc.

Our HR software features an alerting module within the agenda screen to notify HR Managers of any employee expiry dates on key HR fields. Alternatively an automatic email of these can easily be setup if you prefer and sent to your inbox, so the appropriate action can be taken. The Bradford Factor and European Working Time Directives management tools are also included within the software for easily analysis.

Safeguard all your Human Resource documents e.g. driving licences, passports, job applications, DR’s notes, letters, pictures, PDFs etc., by simply scanning & importing them into the secure Sirrom HR document database for easy access and retrieval.

Sirrom HR also allows unlimited information to be stored within user defined fields.

Sirrom’s Pro Active Software saves valuable time on administration with system alerts to users on activities such as forgotten clock in’s, employee lateness, renewable qualifications, training appraisals etc. The system will automatically alert users of these via our unique time & attendance agenda screen.

Sirrom Clocking In Terminals


Auto Time Sirrom Optional modules

(not included in Sirrom Lite)

Employee Self Service Terminal & Web based ESS Module

Sirrom web based employee self-service module (complete web based intranet module) is a web based application which complements the Sirrom Time and Attendance Software and Sirrom ESS terminals. This web based application can be accessed through a web browser (eg IE / Safari etc) from your smart phone, desk PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad etc.

Self Service Module at a glance:

This module allows an employee any of the 4 options :

  1. Make an absence request i.e. this can be done from PC or Sirrom ESS Terminal.
  2. See personal results such as hours worked, clocking times. Totals/overtime worked etc.
  3. Declare clocking’s to their manager for example out of hours working, off site meetings etc.
  4. Clock in and out.

This module allows a manager:

  1. To look at his group of employees, and see any of their time and attendance information.
  2. Look at his own personnel information and results (provide him with the same functionality as the employee)

No need for company absence request sheets that need to be carried around a validated by the appropriate staff member (which can be very time consuming)

Payroll Link

Sirrom dynamic link to your payroll system, once youre happy with everyones hours worked Sirrom can import worked totals and overtime at the click of a button.




Sirrom Job Costing Module

The Sirrom computerised job costing system, can benefit your business by helping you easily cost up in time and monetary values how much a product or operation costs your company to manufacture. The system can also instantly cost up for you ow much time and money an order is going to take to make.  Our system is easy to use and employee friendly, the job costing system comprises of a job costing terminal with a barcode scanner attached for shop floor data collection, this is then linked back to a computer that has the Sirrom job costing software loaded on to it.

Here’s an example of a few easy steps to cost a job:

  1. A customer places on order with you.
  2. You then create a job number with in Sirrom software, and then print out a job sheet from the software, this will contain all operations, along with the appropriate barcodes representing each operation. Click here to see an example PDF order sheet created by our software.
  3. This is then handed to the appropriate staff member for production.
  4. They then simply press the triangle button on the top of terminal and then scan the job number that is printed on the job sheet that they are going to start, once this operation is completed they simply scan the next operation on the job sheet.
  5. By doing this, it takes them off the initial operation and costs the time to the second operation (should there be one, or they can press the finished button on the terminal to tell the Sirrom administrator that the job is now complete), each operation on the job sheet is booked using this scenario.
  6. Once the job is finished the staff member can press a button on the top of the job costing terminal to say that the job is now complete.

From the Sirrom software a ‘realtime’ analysis can be seen all the way through the job costing procedure, so at any time you can see where the job is up to. The system comes  with a host of job costing reports to help your company maintain the correct manufacturing and budgetary costs.

The Sirrom software is also able to offer an actual time spent to the job vs forecasted time so you know whether you are under or over budget. Why not speak to us today about our range of job costing solutions that can be tailor made to suit your application?

Sirrom the integrated ‘time management’ solution to complement your Paxton Net2 access control system


Our Sirrom software seamlessly integrates with the Paxton Access Control database therefore making time management, overtime working and simplifying the whole payroll preparation. Our system can takes data from various door locations or net2 controllers across your network and turn it into valuable workforce management information for reporting and exports to excel.

Sirrom also can link directly to most U.K payroll solutions such as Sage, Pegasus, Iris & earnie payroll and many more. Absence requests can also be managed though our TWC ‘the web client’ web portal, making absence management straight forward.

Sirrom Access Control

Sirrom Access Control is the perfect way of securing your premises, doors, turnstiles, barriers, gates etc. Access levels can be controlled through your Sirrom Time and Attendance software.

What are the benefits of using Sirrom Access Control?

  • Single Database – you don’t need to enter a person into another piece of software.
  • Lost key fobs or cards can be deleted instantly from the system, no need to replace door locks.
  • Automatic fire roll call printout can be sent to your printers should your fire alarm sound. An automatic email roll call can also be sent at the same time.
  • Reduced administration – one version of software for Time and Attendance and Access Control.
  • The door access software add-on is completely free.
  • Access patterns are easy to assign to a person, so you can specify who goes where at what times.
  • Alert module within our software, alerts you immediately to doors that have been forced or left ajar.
  • Alerts administrator and restricts access of anyone trying to gain access outside their access parameters.