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Time & Attendance Systems

Streamline payroll, productivity and punctuality in your workplace with Auto Time Systems.
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Self Service Time & Attendance

Clocking in solutions with web based time management software. Link with PC, tablet or phone.
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Clocking In Machines

Click here to see our full range of clocking in machines & to buy online
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Biometric Time & Attendance

Specialists in installed biometric time attendance systems.
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Access Control

Control who goes where in your company with one card or fob. Cheaper, efficient alternative to keys.
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Synchronised Clock & Factory Bells

Wireless Synchronised factory clock & bell solutions, large outdoor time & temperature display, and VoIP public address systemFind Out More

Public Address Systems

Broadcast public announcements through your network with our Public Address Systems.
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Employee Self Service Terminals

Unique touch screen time & attendance terminals for clocking in, employee absence requests and hours worked
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Eliminating employee time and attendance issues: Auto Time Systems

Auto Time Systems Northern Ltd: the Time & Attendance and access control professionals.

Here at Auto Time Systems, we're the UK's professional access control system and clocking in machine provider who provide efficient time management systems, Clocking in machines & access control solutions tailored to suit all sectors of business, local authorities and governmental bodies across the UK.

Here at Auto Time Systems, we supply a range of business benefiting time recording systems and clocking in machines to ensure your business operations are enhanced effectively.

From biometric time and attendance systems to more simple, traditional time recorder machines, here at Auto Time Systems, our extensive product range is hand selected and manipulated to suit your specific enterprise needs.

Adjacent to this, we also offer elevated security measures for your business or organisation; this includes secure company doors, barriers or gates with built in access control systems, allowing access for those holding a unique, computerised smart card or proximity ID card...

Whatever system you're looking for, we have a wide range of products manufactured in line to benefit your business the way you want.

For more information on our clocking in machine products, contact a member of our team today

Auto Time Systems: Who are we?

We are an accredited National Paxton Net2 Access Control Gold UK registered installer. Accredited by Paxton Access: the UK's leading manufacturers of electronic access control systems.

Auto Time Systems Northern Limited is a British company based in the heart of Lancashire.

In line with our ultimate goal: here at Auto Time Systems we're committed to meeting and exceeding consumer satisfaction at every interaction which is why we've set up home across sites in Liverpool, Manchester, Scotland, Midlands and the English capital: London to ensure our clients are cared for nationally.

Auto Time Systems promotes excellence and quality without complexity in all the products it sells.

We operate nationwide across various sites in the UK including: Huddersfield,Hull,Leeds,Wakefield,Halifax,Yorkshire and Doncaster (among various others).

Auto Time Systems Northern Ltd 'The time & attendance and access control professionals' provide tailor made time management & access control solutions to all sectors of commerce, local authorities and central government.

For more information check out our product range now or contact us direct on 0800 5677668 for more information.

Our Customer Case Studies


Background We own a large number of high class Hotels, Restaurants and ...

Contact Transport

I had a need to capture remote drivers clocking’s at various transport ...

Stateside Foods

We needed a time and attendance system that was capable of handling ...

Orseal Ltd

We made an enquiry to Auto Time System about the best way ...

What Our Clients Say

Auto Time Systems supplied us with a system that was installed back in 2000.  We have been very happy with the support and commitment from ATS over the years.

– Glenn Heron - IT Manager, Stateside Foods

The software was simple to use and I had bespoke scripts written to calculate exact staff bonuses which then linked through to my Sage payroll system, so my office staff don’t waist valuable time inputting hours of work and the frustration of employee bonus calculation.

Contact Transport Case Study PDF File

– Clive Palmer - Director, Contact Transport -

I would have no hesitation in recommending Auto Time Systems to provide your business with a professional, user friendly system that provides a cost effective solution to both access and attendance issues. The fact that they are also great people to work with is an added benefit.

– Dennis Crompton - Managing Director, Orseal Ltd -